You'd Think These World Famous Landmarks Are Legit, But They're All Made-In-China Replicas

Gotta give it to the Chinese. They have created the world in China.

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There was a time when China was the go-to country for tourists interested in fake designer handbags and electronics (it still is), but are you aware the country has been creating life-size replicas of some of the world's most famous monuments including whole towns for years now?


China is home to fake versions, or as journalist Bianca Bosker calls them, original copies, of London's Tower Bridge and the Sydney Opera House among several others.

There's a simulation of Dorchester (Dorset, UK) in Chengdu, the capital of south-west China's Sichuan province in Western China, that houses 200,000 Chinese citizens.

Then there's also Thames Town in Shanghai, a replica of Wyoming's Jackson Hole in Hebei Province, and a fake version of the French Arc de Triomphe in Zhengzhou.

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We are listing some of them down below. Check it out

1. London's Tower Bridge in the city of Suzhou

The Chinese Tower Bridge, which resembles London's iconic monument, has four towers instead of two towers in the original and has elevators and coffee shops.

Interestingly, the replica is actually double the size of the original.

It exists over Yuanhe Pond in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, and was built in 2012.

Image via The Sun
Image via The Daily Mail
Image via The Daily Mail

For comparison sake, this is the original Tower Bridge

Image via The Daily Mail

2. Full-scale replicas of the Great Sphinx of Giza

One of the replicas of the Great Sphinx of Giza was in northeastern Hebei province, located at the foot of the Taihang Mountains in eastern China. It was built to be exactly the same size as the one in Egypt, which stands at some 73.5 meters tall.

However, it had to be demolished after the Egyptian authorities complained to UNESCO.

So the Chinese built a brand new replica in Lanzhou in the north-west part of China.

Then there's another replica of the Great Sphinx of Giza towers. And this one is concrete poured in an unfinished theme park in Chuzhou, China.

The one that's demolished.

Image via Reuters

The second replica.

Image via The Daily Mail

The third one.

Image via TIME

And here's the real Sphinx in Giza, Egypt

Image via The Daily Mail

3. Replica of Austria's Hallstatt village in Huizhou

The replica of the entire Austrian alpine village of Hallstatt was built in the province of Guangdong in 2012. The "made in China" version of the village cost an estimated USD940 million to build and was conceived by a Chinese mining tycoon.

The original Austrian alpine village of Hallstatt is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Hallstatt #1 in Austria (l), and the replica of the village in China (r).

Image via BBC

This one's the Chinese Hallstatt.

Image via Imgur

And this is the Original Hallstatt in Austria.

Image via Chel1395

4. Multiple replicas of Eiffel Tower

There's a mini Eiffel Tower in Beijing.

Then there's a 354-foot replica of the Eiffel Tower looming over a gated community in Tianducheng, Hangzhou in Zhejiang province.

The architecture and landscaping in the community mimic the Parisian style.

Image via BBC
Image via reuters

It's a third of the size of the French one.

Image via The Sun

5. A replica of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Beijing...

Image via Michael Silk

6. leads to a fake Sydney Opera House

replica of Sydney Opera House.

Image via The Daily Mail

7. Then there's this white-walled, gold-domed complex inspired by Moscow's Kremlin. It houses several government bureaus and cost about USD3.5 million to built

Image via Reuters

Moscow’s Kremlin in China.

Image via The Sun

8. Miniature replicas of the Moai statues

While the original ones are on Easter Island, the replicas line a pedestrian walkway in Beijing. Seen below is a delivery man riding by replicas of Moai statues.

Beijing's replica 'Moai' statues.

Image via Kim Kyung-Hoon/Reuters

Beijing's replica 'Moai' statues.

Image via The Daily Mail

Real Moai statues.

Image via easterisland

9. There's also a copy of Stonehenge

The Stonehenge replica is next to a new housing development in the east of China.

Image via BBC

10. They have a replica of the French Arc de Triomphe

Image via The Sun

11. Near Beijing, the Chinese have built Florentia Village

It is a retail park that looks remarkably similar to Venice.

If that wasn't enough, it even has a Grand Canal with gondolas. Go figure!

Image via The Sun
Image via BBC

What do you think about China's obsession with building replicas of world monuments? Comment below to let us know.

And oh, speaking of fakes, there's a fake Zouk in China:

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