[VIDEOS] 9 Songs That Always Get Stuck In Your Head During Chinese New Year

Too many dong dong dong qiang.

Cover image via Hong Leong Bank Malaysia / YouTube

Hong Leong Bank created their own Chinese New Year song this 2018 to celebrate the festive season

Hong Leong Bank's Chinese New Year video features a family rapping in English and Hokkien when they're having their reunion dinner. 

The most valuable thing to look forward to during this festive season is not so much about the yummy food we get to eat, or the amount of Ang Pows we receive - but about the chance to finally get together and spend some quality time with family members. It's indeed, as the song suggests, a reunion of treasures.

You know Chinese New Year is near when you start hearing all the "dong dong qiang" songs

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You hear it on the radio, at home, and especially the malls. 

Here are some of the other popular Chinese New Year songs that are currently playing on loop in our head:

1. The "gong xi gong xi" song

The most famous Chinese New Year song of them all. Apparently, it also has a dark history behind it. 

2. This one is titled "Earth Returning To Spring"

We like the final part of the chorus where they go "HEY!"

3. Remember the Chinese New Year song JinnyBoyTV made?

"Long one short one, which one do you want?"

4. And the one with Chinese New Year greetings in Bahasa Malaysia and Tamil

This is when we learned that "Happy Chinese New Year" is "Cina Perunal Valtukal" in Tamil.

5. The one that goes "dong qiang dong qiang"

Yes, we know almost all of them go "dong qiang dong qiang", but this one in particular keeps repeating it.

6. Then there's one about flowers

You might have heard it and not know it, but this one is really about spring flowers. 

7. All the uncles and aunties love the one about the God of Prosperity

"CHAI SHEN DAO! Teng teng teng teng teng teng..."

8. This is probably the Chinese New Year version of "We Wish You A Merry Christmas"

The title is literally "Wishing You A Happy Chinese New Year" if you were to translate it into English.

9. And then there's that Chinese New Year rap song

Ok not exactly rap, but there's this part at 1:13 that they go quite fast without music in the background. 

There's just no Chinese New Year mood without these iconic songs

And deep down in your heart, you appreciate these songs because it just makes the festival more... well, festive.

Image via Fox

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous Chinese New Year from Hong Leong Bank!

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