Top Features Of CIMB Prime And How It Makes Investing Easy For You

You can see your money grow in just three months!

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Contrary to what some might think, investment is not something reserved for the rich

While everyone understands the need to start investing, not everybody does it because of the misconception that you need to be earning a high income to buy investment products.

It actually doesn't take much to start investing, and CIMB Prime solutions show that you can start small and reap the benefits in just three months

You can almost immediately reap the returns worth up to RM654 in just three months with the investment available from CIMB Prime solutions.

On top of that, you'll earn Bonus Points every time as you keep saving, investing, and spending with CIMB Bank

CIMB Bonus Points is a rewards programme that allows you redeem rewards such as air miles, shopping vouchers, and even purchase electronic appliances with your Bonus Points. With your accumulated Bonus Points, you can pay for your purchases at Harvey Norman, Ikea, Dome and other participating outlets. Here are few easy ways to earn these points:

Image via CIMB
Image via CIMB

The total Bonus Points accumulated per year is 113,200.

With these accumulated Bonus Points, you can redeem home appliances and other merchandise from the CIMB Member Rewards Programme catalogue, such as Sharp Microwave Oven at 100,900 Bonus Points or a Electrolux Coffee Maker at 70,700 Bonus Points. You can also use these Bonus Points to redeem air miles such as Enrich Miles or BIG Points for flight tickets to your holiday destinations.

¹You must maintain a minimum of RM10,000 of your monthly balance to enjoy the Bonus Points.
Terms and Conditions apply.

So investment is not always a big commitment. You can always start with something small and grow from there.

It can be as simple as putting your money in a savings account*. When you have a larger amount (eg. your annual bonus), you can place it in a fixed deposit* bundled with unit trust to make more from it.

It all depends on your earning power and lifestyle. You can slowly grow your investment portfolio as you earn more and acquire more knowledge about the various types of investment tools available with the help of CIMB Prime solutions.

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*CIMB Prime Account, fixed deposit, CIMB Clicks Trader Plus and savings account are eligible for protection by PIDM.

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