[VIDEOS] We Compiled 19 Of The Most Entertaining, Tear-Jerking & Wholesome CNY Ads Of 2023

We can all definitely relate to #6 at some point of our lives.

Cover image via Sime Darby Property (YouTube) , McDonald's Malaysia (YouTube) , Listerine Malaysia (YouTube)

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1. Sime Darby Property captures the essence of Malaysians by featuring the sounds they make while prepping and celebrating the festive season

From the bustling sounds of the wet market to the soothing sounds of preparing meals, this melodic, festive video showcases the rhythmic combination of our actions and heart-warmingly unique moments around our neighbourhoods, in preparation for a truly joyous occasion. 

2. Sunway Group celebrates the new year with a heartfelt tale of a group of friends using a sustainable approach to gain a bountiful harvest

With the intention to give back to society and Mother Nature, this short film shows us how Xiao Wei, Ahmad, and their friends grow a little organic farm in Ahmad's garden just before the Lunar New Year, despite being so young. They even manage to learn the ways to compose and DIY their own pesticide spray. How creative! 

3. CIMB takes us on a touching journey with an elderly uncle in search of his ong

Believing that a pomfret fish is what brings him ong each year, the old uncle searches high and low for it before his CNY reunion dinner with his family. But in the end, he discovers that all he needed was his family, as they were his good luck all along. 

4. No matter how technologically advanced we become in the future, U Mobile reminds us that our unconditional love and care for each other will live on

Le Le's ah kong is constantly seen taking and posting videos of everything he does, from cooking to changing the car tyres. Over time, this little hobby of his starts to annoy Le Le, as it causes her school friends to make fun of her. But everything changes when she uncovers the real reason behind those videos. 

5. Maxis reminds us that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to preparing for a picture-perfect CNY celebration

Carrying the message of how imperfections can be turned around as long as you have your family with you, this video shows us what goes on behind the scenes in preparation for the festive season, from DIY decorations to self-made CNY outfits. 

6. Serving us with a relatable situation most single people go through, Gamuda Land unveils the true intention of family members when they ask us pesky questions

This CNY video brings us along into the life of Julie, a single 35-year-old who usually gets bombarded with questions from the elders in her family, asking about her relationship, career, and more. But, surprisingly, everyone seems to be extra quiet this year, and some are even ignoring her. Hmmm, what's going on? 

7. Thanks to this video by McDonald's, you'll be reminded to accept each other as they are, despite the difference in generations

Jin Hua's mother often misunderstands her daughter's interest in making videos, which makes her grandfather sad that they don't get along. However, when her mum can't find the missing ingredient for her pineapple jam, Jin Hua came to the rescue with a memorable video that brings her mum to tears, awww. 

8. This comical CNY ad by Pizza Hut will teach you ways to invite more ooooooooong for your business

Two mandarin orange sellers lose their customers when a stall opposite them starts selling pizzas in an innovative way. Breaking away from the traditional round-shaped pizza, their pizzas are made in a super long rectangular shape, which is proven to invite extra ong for the Chinese New Year season. In the end, they join forces to sell the ooooooooong-est pizza in Malaysia.

9. Watch how moments of joy are woven into the fabric of our lives with Setia's CNY video

Whenever a core memory happens, it is always accompanied by a piece of fabric, whether it's the tablecloth at a reunion dinner or the veil on our wedding day. Chinese New Year is no different as it stitches memories of new beginnings along with the new clothes we wear for the festive season.  

10. This video by EcoWorld encourages us to embrace the little moments that bring us joy during our CNY celebration with our loved ones

The festive season is nothing without the presence of our loved ones, and that's exactly what EcoWorld is trying to convey through their CNY video. When the ones we care about are around us, the traditions we carry out like tossing yee sang and visiting temples are much more meaningful. 

11. Sticking to this year's zodiac theme, Yoodo encourages freedom in all of us to do whatever our hearts desire

The catchy music video brings us along with three men who are dressed in bunny costumes, strolling around the streets of KL to greet children and adults while singing their hearts out. They even get passersby to join in their goofy dance moves.

12. Air Selangor shows us what it's like to be in another person's shoes by reminding us to not judge others so easily

Coming from two different worlds, Amah and Bell don't understand each other very well, but once they drink a cup of magical water given by ah kong, something unexpected happens. They swap souls into each other's bodies and finally learn what it is like to be in each other's daily roles. 

13. From burnt ong lai to huat decorations, this video by redONE will urge us to value the saying 'it's the thought that counts' this festive season

Since it's her first year celebrating Chinese New Year as a newlywed, Michelle tries to impress her garang mother-in-law by attempting to bake pineapple tarts from scratch. But after burning them in the oven, her husband decides to order some online instead. Eventually, her mother-in-law finds out that the tarts were store-bought but doesn't get mad, as she appreciates Michelle's efforts to make the tarts in the first place. 

14. MR.DIY touches our hearts this CNY with a heartwarming story of a deaf girl who recently moved into a new neighbourhood

Known as the rude girl, a newly moved-in young woman sparks curiosity among her neighbours as she continuously ignores them. But, they soon realise that she's actually deaf when she saves an old aunty from a fire. To show their gratitude, they thank her by learning a little bit of sign language.

15. SPRITZER rings in the festive season with a catchy music video showcasing the vibrant celebration

Decked in vibrant and colourful CNY clothes, the music video features Malaysian artist, JE PONG, and choreographer, Caedon, going full force to express the true meaning of the wondrous and joyous celebration. Fusing CNY LED displays in the background with colourful lights, you will be sure to keep your eyes peeled till the end. 

16. Standard Chartered shows us the greatest gift of life that makes CNY worth celebrating — our families!

In this video, Uncle Lee can be seen doing a bunch of odd things like carrying heavy pots, cycling back and forth, and running. He even refuses help from his neighbours, which makes them think he's being stubborn. However, there's a reason as to why he does so, hmmm. 

17. Capturing our hearts once again is Taylor's University with their heartfelt story about a single mother and her two children

Foong is a single mother who makes a living through her tailoring business. With the busy demands of her customers, her daughter helps look after her blind son by reading stories to him. But, since she will be off to further her studies, she made a special storybook just in time for CNY for her brother. 

18. This CNY, learn how to get rid of your suay with this video by Listerine featuring the funny Jenn Chia as Auntie Siow

In this video, Auntie Siow struggles to capture the perfect family portrait with so many distractions and challenges she encounters with the different members of the family. So, will she finally capture the perfect family portrait? 

19. Pepsi gives us a solution to resolve the typical problem of guests wasting drinks during open houses

There are usually lots of packet and canned drinks on offer at CNY open houses, and it's a common occurrence for guests to sip on one while there, only to end up leaving without finishing it. Aiyo, such a waste la! Well, worry not, 'cause Pepsi has the perfect solution for you. Just watch the video to find out! ;)

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