#KitaJagaKita: 3 Companies That Continue To Give Back And Support The Rakyat

From donating care packs to encouraging the public to get vaccinated, Watsons Malaysia, Media Prima Berhad, and GSK Malaysia have organised numerous initiatives the past few months.

Cover image via BERNAMA / New Straits Times & Selangor Journal

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In June 2021, the government implemented the first phase of the National Recovery Plan (NRP), in order to curb the surging COVID-19 cases and encourage everyone to stay at home

Throughout Phase 1 of the NRP, which lasted nearly three months, only essential and economic services were allowed to operate. Dining in at restaurants, shopping at boutiques and departmental stores, doing sports, and enjoying leisure as well as recreation activities were discouraged.

During this period, everyone followed SOPs by staying at home, while also helping out one another through different #KitaJagaKita initiatives.

Meanwhile, to support the nationwide #KitaJagaKita movement as well as combat COVID-19, many companies have kickstarted numerous Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives as well

These include having promotions for their products and services to encourage the public to get vaccinated, educating Malaysians about the importance of getting vaccinated, donating daily essentials to the B40 community, and more.

For example, Watsons Malaysia has been supporting Malaysians in numerous ways, from launching campaign movements, to coming up with promotions to encourage everyone to get vaccinated

Image via The Rakyat Post

To support the government's immunisation programme, Watsons Malaysia played a part in encouraging the public to get vaccinated by giving away free KF94 masks and RM8 Watsons brand vouchers to those who registered or had gotten their jabs.

Besides stressing on the importance of following SOPs and encouraging the public to get vaccinated, Watsons Malaysia also kickstarted their Stay Hygiene & Stay Healthy campaign, as a way to remind all Malaysians to always sanitise their hands and maintain a healthy diet.

As part of their launch, Watsons Malaysia made their Watsons Essential Care Pack available for purchase, which consisted of essential vaccination items, such as face masks, hand sanitiser, hand wash, a box of paracetamol, and vitamin C.

To encourage their shoppers to get vaccinated, Watsons Malaysia also shared various infographics on social media, such as the different types of vaccines available in Malaysia.

Plus, to help marginalised communities cope with the difficult situation, Watsons Malaysia took the initiative to give away an estimated 1,000 #KitaSayangKita care packs

Each care pack consisted of essential items such as paracetamol, shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hand sanitiser, and face masks.

Additionally, old folks homes were also struggling, as they needed financial assistance for groceries and medical supplies. This led to Watsons Malaysia donating food and daily essentials to more than 16 old folks homes around Klang Valley.

On the other hand, Malaysia's largest media and entertainment company, Media Prima Berhad (MPB), spearheaded several initiatives during Phase 1 of the NRP

Image via MalaysiaKini

Home shopping network, WOWSHOP (a subsidiary of MPB), together with its top vendor, HETCH, launched WOWSHOP x Cares. The campaign, which marks the home shopping network's first CSR initiative, took place from 20 July to 31 August.

With the aim of raising funds to purchase medical equipment for frontliners, WOWSHOP contributed a total of RM10 each time a HETCH product was purchased on its shopping platform.

Not long after, Media Prima Omnia, MPB's integrated solution provider, launched their #KitaMalaysia campaign to help local small medium enterprises (SMEs) resuscitate their businesses

Four different advertising packages were made available, with SMEs enjoying affordable rates for more media exposure. Media Prima Omnia also gave away RM1 million worth of media value to those who applied early. 

Moreover, the #KitaMalaysia campaign also provided opportunities to multinational corporations and government agencies to participate and support SMEs.

During Hari Raya this year, MPB also launched the Salam Sayang campaign under their television channels – TV3 and TV9 – as a platform for entrepreneurs to promote their products on the TV stations' social media pages

TV3's Salam Sayang team distributing products to the needy.

Image via OHBULAN!

With the help of WOWSHOP, RM1 million in media value was made available for entrepreneurs to promote their products. Plus, Media Prima Television Networks (MPTN) also broadcasted 30-minute videos featuring various entrepreneurs, to drive brand awareness among the viewers.

Throughout the campaign, TV3 also purchased products to distribute to the needy every Friday during the month of Ramadan.

Another company that got the attention of the public throughout the NRP is GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Malaysia, who has been providing ample support to the country's vaccination programme

Image via The Guardian

When Malaysia began its COVID-19 vaccination programme on 24 February 2021, GSK Malaysia launched a campaign to raise public awareness on post COVID-19 vaccination care for pain and fever.

One of the ways the company raised awareness was by reminding Malaysians to take care of themselves during the pandemic, GSK Malaysia also rolled out a 20-second television commercial.

Other than that, GSK also launched a series of informational content on the aftercare methods the public can take note of to manage post COVID-19 vaccination pain and fever

This initiative took place across multiple platforms, such as their social media channels and digital websites. Aside from social media, the company also distributed these resources to over 2,000 pharmacies and clinics nationwide.

In addition, GSK Malaysia also distributed educational brochures with clear, illustrative, and credible information about the COVID-19 vaccines, to over 700 general clinics and independent pharmacies.

GSK Malaysia also invited medical experts to share their opinions online as well as through television shows and print mediums

Medical experts spoke about the importance of getting COVID-19 vaccination, what to expect after receiving COVID-19 vaccination, and tips on the aftercare methods to treat post COVID-19 vaccination symptoms.

For more info about GSK Malaysia's post vaccination care tips as well as their vaccine initiatives, you can head over to their website, Instagram, or Facebook page.

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