'Superheroes' In Kelantan Are Getting Vaccinated And Giving Out Food Aid To Those In Need

Superheroes don't just exist in comics and movies. A few of them are in Kelantan doing pretty awesome things.

Cover image via Geng Cosplay Kelate GCK (Facebook)

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Although the pandemic has put a stop to events that require visits from 'superheroes', it hasn't stopped this cosplay group in Kelantan from dressing up and spreading kindness

According to their Facebook page, Geng Cosplay Kelate (GCK) is a cosplay group that often makes special appearances at charity events, birthday parties, weddings, and schools.

While social events have been put to a stop to curb COVID-19 infections, one of their members, David Koh, told Harian Metro that it hasn't stopped him from carrying out charity work of his own.

He said, "GCK's movement is currently limited so I took my own initiative to prepare a rack outside of my home to carry out a food bank project."

"Through it, I am giving the opportunity and space for other people to also contribute while those struggling can take food according to their needs," he added.

They have also been making door-to-door visits to drop off food aid to those in need

Koh said that he prioritises the elderly and those whose movements are limited because they have young children.

On the GCK Facebook page, there are several photos of a GCK member, dressed as a Red Ranger from the Power Rangers franchise, collaborating with AEON to hand out food aid.

Meanwhile, Kamen Rider paid a visit to the 1 Kelantan Food Bank located at the popular local breakfast spot, Kopitiam Kita.

Black Ranger also made a stop at the Ronald McDonald House located at the Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital to drop off some food packs.

Koh said to Harian Metro, "I don't move alone because the support and contributions from the public also help in making this initiative a success. Thank you to those who helped and this effort is in line with the concept of 'Kita Jaga Kita' during the pandemic."

Recently, GCK sent Kamen Rider to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and pass some gifts to frontliners on duty at the Balai Health Clinic vaccination centre (PPV)

Koh revealed to Harian Metro that it was him in the costume and besides showing up at the PPV to get the second dose of the COVID-19 jab, he took the opportunity to give out face masks to volunteers and medical officials.

"They welcomed my arrival and I was happy to be able to bring joy while receiving the vaccine injection," he said.

The video of Kamen Rider at the PPV garnered over 5,400 views and praise from fellow netizens.

Hari ni pergi vaccine 2nd dose terserempak dengan kamen rider ichigo.kamen rider pun pergi vaccine juga la..... #kamenrider #vaksin #vaksincovid19

Posted by Koh Wjye on Wednesday, August 18, 2021

There have been sightings of Malaysians donning all types of costumes to their vaccination appointment:

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