This Affordable, Self-Cleansing, Battery-Powered Smart Bidet Is Made For Every Household

Say goodbye to wet, slippery floors!

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Gais, have you ever experienced the struggles of using bidets? Like when the water spray goes crazy? Ugh.

For instance, when you squeeze the "trigger" gently and nothing happens, so you squeeze harder, and suddenly it shoots high-pressure water at your privates? Omgg, that hurts!

Often times, water ends up spraying everywhere, which makes your bathroom sooo messy. Plus, the floor gets slippery, which is so dangerous. 

To celebrate a brand new start to 2021, Coway has launched their new cool bathroom tool, the Coway BATERI BIDET, which not only promotes a hands-free hygiene experience, but a safe, clean, and dry bathroom for everyone <3

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As the name suggests, the Coway BATERI BIDET is a fully battery-operated bidet that fits seamlessly onto the toilet without the need for wall sockets. Thoughtfully designed with a variety of functions, this high-tech bidet adds a modern and minimalistic touch to every toilet.

Plus, you can start off your 2021 by being more environmentally-friendly. A bidet ultimately uses less water, in addition to needing less toilet paper as well. 

Here are some key features that make the Coway BATERI BIDET a better choice for affordable, healthy living:

1. It cleans itself each time you're done with it

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Coway knows how important hygiene is, which is why the Coway BATERI BIDET comes with a smart bidet nozzle that self-cleanses automatically after each use for maximum hygiene. 

The best part? You don't need to clean or service it yourself. It comes with a free maintenance service package done by Coway professionals once every four months to ensure optimum cleanliness. 

2. The bidet only works when it detects you sitting on the toilet seat, which helps avoid any accidental splashing

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This means that it will not function without someone sitting on the toilet seat properly. Additionally, for peace of mind in the household, the Coway BATERI BIDET is water-resistant, which ensures a safe, splash-proof performance every time you use it.

What's also cool about the Coway BATERI BIDET is its soft-closing seat cover feature. It can operate gently and silently to raise or lower the toilet seat cover each time you lift or close it.

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3. It's user-friendly and comes with a one-touch panel that has different modes and water pressure

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Designed to suit everyone's needs at home including senior citizens, pregnant women, children, and those who are physically challenged, the Coway BATERI BIDET is highly flexible and convenient. 

Not only can the tool clean the rear for everyone, but its front nozzle feature can also clean the front for ladies. Besides that, there are nozzle buttons so you can adjust the position of the nozzle, and two different water pressure settings for thorough cleansing.

There are two ways you can get the Coway BATERI BIDET to upgrade your toilet this year

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From now until 22 January, you can rent it from as low as RM39 per month and waive an additional RM200 off your rental processing fees. It also comes with a free toothbrush and toothpaste holder.

Or you can opt to purchase it outright for RM1,390.  

Both options come with a maintenance service package every four months to ensure tip-top performance and utmost hygiene. The best part is that the batteries are always changed during service, so there's no need to worry about the battery performance. 

Spruce up your toilet with Coway this year! Get more information here.

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