[VIDEO] foodpanda Riders Share What Their Job Is Really Like & We Treat Them To A Surprise

"I work about 14 hours per day."

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This year has been a crazy one. But if there's one thing we can agree on, it's that we're grateful for all our food delivery riders! :D

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What would we have done this year without all the amazing delivery riders? T.T

Thanks to them, we were able to enjoy our favourite food while we were cooped up at home. They're definitely our heroes, braving the frontlines, going above and beyond just to meet our needs. To all our delivery riders, we want to say a big THANK YOUUU!! :')

To find out what it's really like to be a delivery rider, we invited four foodpanda riders for a chat... and prepared a few surprises for them ;P

Want to find out what the big surprise is? Watch the full video below:

First of all, meet Shan, Shahridzwan, Liew, and Ahnas!

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- Shan, foodpanda rider for 1 year
Shahridzwan, foodpanda rider for 1 year and 3 months
- Liew, foodpanda rider for 6 months
- Ahnas, foodpanda rider for 2 years

Before anything else, the riders got their first surprise of the day by getting to order whatever they wanted on foodpanda, WOOHOO!!

But boyyy, we didn't expect this response...

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Liew: "This is my first time ordering [foodpanda]. Before this, other people order for me."

For Shahridzwan, he started off as a part-time foodpanda rider, but ended up having to work longer hours to make a living

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Shahridzwan: "Usually I'm working about 14 hours per day. The peak hours is around 12pm to 2pm, then I usually take a personal break, then usually at dinner at 6pm to 9pm is very peak."

While their work may be busy and stressful at times, foodpanda riders have experienced various acts of kindness from customers

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Ahnas: “There’s this one time a customer ordered. I pushed the pickup button, and I got a message from the customer. They said, ‘No need to send the food,’ because the food is for me.”

For all other foodpanda riders out there, Shan reminds them that everyone is part of the foodpanda family

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Shan: "We will be there. When we entered the job as a member, but after we've joined, we've become a family."

"Always drive safe. Always think family."

Liew: "Don’t go and langgar the red light."

Ahnas: "Don’t do the wrong thing."

And then, it was time for the BIG REVEAL!! :DD We had one last surprise for the foodpanda riders - they could order any groceries they wanted for themselves and their family.

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Ahnas: "This one for my baby. This one for my wife, she loves pasta, I'm gonna cook for her later on. This is for me."

While it's been a challenging year for all of us, we can still share the joy and spread the love to those around us! <3

Thank you, foodpanda, for reminding us that a little act of kindness can go a long way!

This festive season, send something yummy to your neighbour, help deliver groceries home to your family, or just share a nice treat with your foodpanda rider. We can all make a difference :)

Feeling hungry, or want to buy some groceries? Head over to foodpanda to get everything you need today!

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