This Pilot Of 9 Years Becomes A foodpanda Rider In Order To Provide For His Family

Despite the salary change, the captain said that as long as he can cover his daughter's education, that is enough.

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Meet Captain Khairul Anuar, a 40-year-old pilot who became a foodpanda rider after working in the aviation industry for nine years

Never in a million years, did Khairul expect that one day, he would become a foodpanda rider. 

During the Movement Control Order (MCO), Khairul did not have a source of income for a long period of time. He was put on unpaid leave by his company and during that period, he felt lost and didn't enjoy sitting at home. 

However, his career as a pilot enabled him to quickly get back on his feet and apply for jobs, which led to him becoming a foodpanda rider. 

The pilot shared in a video that joining foodpanda was a wise decision as it gives him stable income and the workflow is somewhat similar to the aviation industry – to be on time and enjoy flexible hours. 

Khairul shared that the salary difference between both jobs is significant, but he earns enough to provide for his family

Despite the salary change, the captain said that as long as he can cover his daughter's education, that is enough.

When asked about the benefits of working with foodpanda, Khairul said he is grateful that if he ever needs to return to the aviation industry, he can resign as a rider without having to give notice.

He knows that times are challenging right now, and he's grateful that he currently has a job that provides a stable income

When he did not have a salary during MCO, Khairul was worried, stressed out, and even felt like giving up.

But he continued to be positive and productive no matter how difficult the challenge. In fact, the pilot is not only working as a foodpanda rider, but has also ventured into selling food and face masks online.

He sells different cuts of frozen marinated steaks and meat slices, and the online business is doing reasonably well. What's cool is that he also designs his own T-shirts and sells them at a reasonable price. Find out more on his Facebook, Instagram, or website!

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