5 Insider Tips To Get The Most Out Of Domino's Deals And Save Loads Of Money

Get yummy pizzas from as low as RM5!

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We all love getting a good deal, especially when it comes to food. Yummy food at affordable prices, who dowan? :D

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That's why Domino's wants to remind you that moments together can be made so much more memorable with a variety of great food!

They've got loads of awesome promos lined up, that'll let you enjoy so much more while still saving money. More variety, more fun, AND more savings? Yas please, we wanttssss!

Here are 5 Domino's Everyday Value promos that'll help you expand your pocket and get more bang for your buck:

1. Looking for a small but filling meal for one? Just grab a personal pizza from Domino's for only RM5.

With their Take-Away Everyday Value promo, you can grab a yummy personal pizza for yourself for only RM5, as long as you get it to go!

Bring it home, kick back, relax, and enjoy having a pizza alllll to yourself without having to share with anyone, hehe. Nyam nyam!

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2. Personal pizza not enough? No probs! You can also get 50% off Regular, Large, or Xtra Large pizzas.

Again, all ya gotta do is order your favourite Domino's pizza for takeaway, and you'll still enjoy great savings with the Take-Away Everyday Value promo.

Whether you're ordering enough for the whole family, or you wanna nom it all yourself (we won't judge, we oso want tbh ;P), just order takeaway to get 50% off Regular, Large, or Xtra Large pizzas.

Wah, with discounts liddat, buy a whole stack of pizzas oso can!

3. Check out Domino's Pandu Ambil option to make picking up your takeaway orders super convenient

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Imagine this—you're superrrrr hungry and just wanna grab your takeaway order, but cannot find parking, ughhhh. And while you waste time going round and round in circles looking for a spot, your food is getting cold. Sed. :(

And even if you do find a spot, still have to pay for parking even though you're just quickly going in to grab your order.

Well, you won't have to worry about that with Domino's Pandu Ambil option, 'cause they'll bring your fresh, steaming hot pizza right out of the oven straight to your car. So convenient! Plus, you get to do your part to practice physical distancing too.

Find out how Pandu Ambil works here.

4. Whether you're looking for a feast at home or wanna treat your friends to something special, Domino's Buy 1 Free 2 deals have gotchu covered!

Buy any of your favourite pizza flavours, and you'll get TWO FREE sides or mains! OMGGGG BEST LAH!

Classified Chicken, Meatasaurus, Pepperoni Pizza—you name it. Just order whichever pizza you've been craving, and voilà, you can enjoy it with delectable mains or sides. YUM! We're drooling already. :9

If you need something to whet your appetite, watch the tantalising cheese pull in the video below:

In the expanded version of their 'Buy 1 Free 2' menu, Domino's is now giving you "more for free", with a wider selection of free items for you to choose from.

There are three specially tailored sets—'Me,Myself & I’, ‘Aku & Dia’, and ‘Geng’.

Order a Regular, Large, or Xtra Large pizza from any of those sets, and you'll get two free sides!

Depending on which set you order, your potential freebies include Crazy Chicken Crunchies, Chocolate Lava Cake, Banana Kaya dessert, and more.

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5. Andddd gais, don't forget that Domino's gives you FREEEEE DELIVERY!

You gotta make sure to take advantage of that, okie? Totally doesn't require any effort on your part summore. Just place an order, and let Domino's bring all that yummy food straight to your doorstep for no additional cost.

Free delivery ftw! :D

So, what are you waiting for? Faster order now and use all these awesome Domino's promos to enjoy more variety while saving more!

For more info and to keep up with all their deals and promos, visit Domino's website.

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