Coway Released A K-Pop-Inspired Music Video And Now We’re Totally In Love With CodyNation

"We're speedy, expert, caring, alert!"

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Coway recently released an awesome K-pop-inspired music video, and it's seriously stuck in our heads. Check it out below:

From the explosion of colour and quirky backgrounds, to their outfits and the catchy song, you can definitely see the K-elements in full force.

Even if you're not a K-fan, you'll probably still recognise the familiar tune in the video - it's 'Nobody' by Wonder Girls a.k.a one of the most iconic K-pop songs of all time!

Man, it takes us right back and immediately makes us want to break into the finger-pointing dance! *clap clap. clap clap*

The hit song meets new lyrics and a different group of girls, led by Malaysian legend Adibah Noor, who both sings and acts in this fun music video

She leads the pack as the Master Cody Trainer, who's here to whip the other girls into shape, making them the very best Codys they can be.

But what's a Cody though?

Short for ‘Coway Lady’, a Cody is a team of dedicated female service specialists who provide periodic after-sales maintenance service to make sure your Coway water and air purifiers are in tip-top condition.

A Cody makes sure you don't have to worry about when and how to change or maintain your filters. She is the one you should turn to if there are any issues with your Coway products.

Collectively, they're known as CodyNation! Haha it kind of sounds like a K-pop group right?

As part of CodyNation, each Cody has to make sure to always keep four important criteria in mind - Speedy, Expert, Caring, and Alert.

These traits are emphasised in the catchy chorus of the music video.

Here's what it means for you:

1. Speedy - A Cody treasures your time and does her job as promptly and efficiently as possible.

2. Expert - Each Cody is a certified Coway expert who knows exactly how to keep your purifier in tip-top shape

3. Caring - In Cody culture, business IS personal. After all, it’s hard not to treat your customers like family with maintenance visits every 2 months!

4. Alert - A good Cody knows the importance of being responsive to customers’ needs. One of those little things that makes her service superior.

The CodyNation is constantly expanding. There are currently over 5,000 Codys throughout Malaysia who are dedicated in maintaining your Coway products at the best condition.

Just as K-pop groups go through rigorous training and constantly practice in order to be the best, Codys also go through professional training, exams, and follow-up training. This is so that they can meet the standards set by the Coway HQ in Korea.

The Cody career is actually recognised by the Korea Ministry of Labour. There are over 14,000 Codys in Korea who have been delivering the best service since 1999. That means that CodyNation has 20 years of service experience!

It's all that experience that allows them to be super efficient. With their 2-month regular service appointments, they are the most frequent service provider in the market.

With CodyNation, you know that you're always getting excellent service in every step :)

Image via Coway

You never have to worry about keeping your Coway appliances safe, sound, and in tip-top condition. Just let a Cody handle it for you!

Click here for more information on CodyNation and what they can do for you.

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