Having A Conversation & 8 Other Basic Things The Malaysian Dating Scene Could Use More Of

Don't drive, for starters.

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1. ALWAYS make a reservation

No matter what plans you have in mind for the date night, make it a point to make the necessary bookings. Never underestimate a restaurant's capacity, even on a weeknight; there's nothing quite as awkward as standing around desperately waiting for a table to be vacant.

2. Get your head in the game

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If you're overdue for some TLC, leave your grooming in the hands of experts like Truefitt & Hill. This oldest barbershop in the world, with its impressive list of influential clientele through the ages from Charles Dickens to Alfred Hitchcock to Frank Sinatra, now offers its signature services in Bangsar. If it's a shave you're looking for, the Traditional Hot Towel Wet Shave is all the pampering you'll ever need.

3. A perfect #OOTD never hurt nobody

A glitzy date is the perfect opportunity to try out some dapper pieces and accessories you've been inspired by but never had the occasion to try. On that note, keep in mind Malaysia's humid weather and avoid outfits that will make you concentrate more on your sweat than the date.

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4. Get around with an Uber Black

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Firstly, you'll look amazing pulling up the driveway in the sleek ride. More importantly, it takes away the hassle of driving and parking, giving you all the peace of mind to enjoy your date's company.

5. Chivalry is NOT dead

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Just the thoughtful act of opening the door for your partner or walking on the outer side of the sidewalk speaks volumes on the kind of person you are. Appreciating your date often doesn't require the grandest of gestures; a little sincerity goes a long way.

6. Keep updated on KL's colourful culinary scene

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Play the endless list of top-notch restaurants to your advantage. Surprise your date by finding a place that speaks to their passion. If fashion's their game, for example, plan a fine dinner at Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant. While savouring the expertly-prepared courses by award-winning Chef Pele Kuah, take some time to enjoy the creative fashion gallery as well.

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7. Ride on the alternative dining trend

Carey Ng presents the Gourmet Safari Outlets!

Carey Ng introduces the Gourmet Safari Outlets. #checkitout

Posted by Gourmet Safari KL on Tuesday, 10 November 2015

How about a night out with your partner over a progressive dinner? Head to Changkat's Gourmet Safari to enjoy a gourmet dinner at six restaurants, where each course is served at one stellar restaurant after another and paired with the finest whiskies, wines, and cocktails.

You could also get in on the supper club scene by securing spots at Pop Up Dining KL, a pop-up fine dining outfit serving some of the most imaginative dishes in the city, like the Chicken Leg Confit in Onion Bowl served on a bed of 200°C rock salt.

8. Keep up an engaging conversation

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Nothing's sexier than a stimulating conversation. Avoid any awkward pauses by brushing up on the latest trending news, and offering a thoughtful insight if the topics pop up. Also, studies show that conversations about travel tend to make couples more fond of each other, so discussing dream destinations are a great way to get the conversation going.

9. Brush up on your bar knowledge

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Have a list of the best bars in mind should the night extend to after-dinner drinks. If it's some good ol' cognac that the night needs, let Elegantology's master cocktailian hook you and your partner up with the best of Martell V.S.O.P Pure Cocktails, from the playful raspberry-infused Martell Framboise to the classic Sidecar, a mix of Martell's signature cognac with lemon juice and triple sec.

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