Did You Know: You Can Spend The Night In Zoo Negara To See Nocturnal Animals

A different kind of experience.

Cover image via @znmzoonegara (TikTok) & @sleepyassjass (TikTok)

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Ever wondered what goes on at night in Zoo Negara? A different group of animals come out to play!

Image via Zoo Negara

Zoo Negara offers an educational programme called Zoo Camp.

It is a fun and informative experience that combines learning about wildlife with a sleepover adventure.

For the price of RM122 per person, the programme includes a 2D1N stay, camping in tents, and a night walk, during which you will observe nocturnal animals in their natural habitat

Expert educators will guide you, sharing their knowledge about these fascinating creatures and their unique adaptations that allow them to thrive at night.

There will also be a wildlife enrichment session where you will be guided to prepare feed for the animals, followed by a small feeding session at the end.

Image via Zoo Negara
Image via Zoo Negara

You will get to prepare some food and watch zookeepers provide them for the animals.

Image via @sleepyassjass (TikTok)

At the end of your stay, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an entertaining and educational multi-animal show, where you can witness the incredible talents of Zoo Negara's resident animals

You can also enjoy watching the other animals during the day before the night walk.

Tents, sleeping bags, two meals, insurance, a souvenir, and certificate of participation will be provided during your stay

Alternatively, you may bring along your own tent if you want, as well as personal items such as your clothes and snacks.

There are also bathrooms for showering. A poncho/umbrella/raincoat, as well as a torchlight for the night walk, will be available if needed.

Image via Zoo Negara
Image via Zoo Tickets

Here's a video of previous Zoo Camps:


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You can also watch TikTok user @sleepyassjass's experience on 24 February:

The Zoo Camp programme has been temporarily paused for the month of Ramadan. However, a spokesperson told SAYS that the programme will restart from 20 to 21 April 2024 onwards.

Stay tuned to Zoo Negara's website and social media channels for the next announcement.

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