This Popular Pastry Shop In Perth Sells Durian Strudels!

Strudels + Durian = Perfection

A strudel is a type of pastry with layers and is usually filled with sweet fillings

The sweet fillings in strudels are conventionally apple and almond, pumpkin and pear-cranberry. However, there are also savoury strudels like mushroom and leek strudels.
The fillings are usually loaded to its fullest causing it to explode in your mouth when you take a bite!

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Freddie Strudels, a new cafè in Northbridge, Perth brought strudels to the next level

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Freddie Strudels, founded by Singaporeans, has introduced durian strudels into their menu, attracting Malaysians and curious locals to try it out.

The cafe is located at 193 Brisbane Street in Perth, and is open from 9am-6pm everyday.

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So... is the durian strudel nice? Sounds like people are loving it!

On Facebook, customers have also reviewed and rated the heavenly durian strudels with a fairly high rating.

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Freddie Strudels has been gaining recognition not only for their durian strudels

Apart from the traditional apple strudel, the pastry shop also serves strudels with strawberry and mango fillings.

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Besides Freddie Strudels, tourists also flock to bring home apple strudels from Corica, a prominent pastry shop in Perth

Corica Pastries has established their popularity by serving their "world-famous apple strudel", as labeled by many who have tasted. Located in the vicinity of Freddie Strudels, Corica Pastries have also been competing with them, to draw locals and tourists alike.

Though specialising in different types of strudels, both Corica Pastries and Freddie Strudels have set a high bar in the pastry world!

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