Is Your Furbaby Photogenic? Show Off Their Cutest Looks & Win Them Some Paw-some Prizes

Whoooo's a good boiiiii? You're a good boi!

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Eukanuba.

Are you a proud furparent of an adorable doggo?

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Who's a good gurl? Whoooo's a good gurlllll? You're a good gurl!

Whether you have a big, floofy doggo or a smol lil one, every furparent wants to make sure their furbabies are happy and healthy. That's why y'all always make sure that your dogs are getting all the necessary nutrients.

Popular dog food brand Eukanuba prides themselves on always putting dogs' needs first

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When creating their products, Eukanuba focuses on proven nutritional science. They were the first to use specific levels of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids to support skin and coat health.

They also created an antioxidant blend to support immune function and post-exercise recovery. Besides that, they developed a formula to provide optimised nutrients to dogs, based on their activity and size.

They feed dogs the way nature intended them to eat. That's why they use only high quality animal protein like chicken or lamb as the primary source of protein, and why EUKANUBA nutrition helps dogs look and feel their best at any age.

Wanna win some Eukanuba dog food for your doggie? Join their Snap & Win contest now!

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Here's how to win:

Step 1: Purchase any of the products below to redeem the exclusive Eukanuba bandana
- Eukanuba Puppy All Breed Lamb & Rice (12kg)
- Eukanuba Adult All Breed (9kg)
- Eukanuba Adult All Breed (15kg)
- Eukanuba Adult All Breed Lamb & Rice (12kg)
- Eukanuba Senior All Breed Lamb & Rice (14kg)
- Eukanuba Senior All Breed (15kg)
- Eukanuba Large Adult (9kg)
- Eukanuba Large Adult (15kg)
- Eukanuba Large Adult Lamb & Rice (15kg)
- Eukanuba Sensitive Skin (12kg)

Step 2: Take a cute, creative photo of you and your dog wearing the bandana

Step 3: Upload it to Facebook or Instagram and include #EukanubaMalaysia and #ForBodyMind&Energy in your caption. Remember to set your post/profile to public.

That's it! The 20 best photos will win a bag of Eukanuba dog food. Yaaas, yummy kibble for your beloved doggo!

Here's some inspiration for your next big puppershoot (but remember to use the official Eukanaba bandana in your photos!):

Image via Etsy
Image via CC Bandanas

The contest is running from now until 30 November 2020, so faster go take lotsa cute photos with your dog, okay? Good luck, gais!

Make sure to stay tuned to Eukanuba's Facebook and Instagram for all the latest updates.

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