Young Malaysians Share Why They're Not Continuing Their Studies After SPM

"I didn't do well at school."

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1. "I didn't do well at school"

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"I didn't really focus in school so my SPM results aren't very good. I don't think any uni will accept me :("

- Din, 19

2. "I already have a job!"

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"I got an internship that became a full-time job. I'm already making money, why would I want to study some more?"

- Shasha, 20

3. "Have to support my siblings"

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"My little brother and sister are still in school so I have to help support them financially."

- Adi, 21

4. "I need to work first!"

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"I want to earn my own money and not be a burden to my parents!"

- Amelia, 18 

5. "Gotta earn money to pay for my education"

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"College and university is so mahal. I have to work first and save up, then only I can study."

- Mariam, 23

6. "I live too far away!"

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"I need to be close to home to look after my grandma. All the big colleges and unis are just too far away to travel daily."

- Sanjiv, 25 

7. "It is expensive"

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"My family cannot afford the course fees."

- Nina, 19

8. "Bad economy, must work"

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"Seriously, the economy is so bad. It's better to work and earn money right away instead of wasting time."

- SY, 21

Do these reasons sound familiar to you?

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