This Hotel In Melaka Is Offering Goldfish So Travellers Can Feel Less Lonely

Their names are 'Baby' and 'Shark'.

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Solo travelling can be a lonely experience.

Fortunately, one hotel in Melaka has found a way to change that.

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Meet 'Baby' and 'Shark' – two goldfish that are available to keep you company at Moty Hotel in Plaza Mahkota

Feeling unloved and lonely? Baby and Shark may just 'bloop' their way into your heart. 

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The pair charge nothing to be your friends. However, they do come with a list of requirements.

For one, remember that fish are friends, not food. So, you can be charged with a penalty of RM100 if Baby and Shark are found dead or more morbidly... fried. 

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While we might love to eat with friends, the 'in-house guests' are not allowed to be fed or offered sweet drinks because of their "diabetes"

Also, please do not shout at them, tap their home, or bring them out of the hotel - they may be cool to be with but they aren't fans of travelling.

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However, if you prefer to be alone, then this place in Japan is made for you: