Animal Prints Or Textured Paint? Here's What Malaysians Voted For In The Home Decor Poll

Only 4% voted for bold colours!

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A recent poll taken by over 5,000 people revealed the opinions of Malaysians about home decor

In a joint effort with Nippon Paint, we wanted to know if your home decor opinions were 'extra' or 'basic'.

From colour palettes to animal print, trying out textured paint to furniture options... Here's what we found out:

1. When it comes to overall aesthetics, Malaysians really love that modern, clean, minimalist look

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35% of Malaysians voted for a minimalist look, close behind at 32% was "warm, fuzzy, and comfy-cozy."

2. Meanwhile, only 4% of Malaysians want bold colours and patterns

3. 58% of Malaysians are cool with using glitter in their home decor

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4. But a whopping 73% said 'heck no' to animal prints

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Only 2% of people voted to decorate their home with animal prints.

5. Only 6% of Malaysians are into leather

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Comfy sofas won the majority vote by a whopping 58%, followed by a cozy armchair or daybed, which both got 13% of votes each.

6. More than half would decorate a bathroom, while 13% don't think it's necessary at all

Image via Nippon Paint

7. Cool tones got the highest vote with 31% of people choosing it as their favourite colour palette

Image via Home Bunch

Warm tones were a close second with pastels coming in third.

8. Nobody wants neon :(

Image via Kelly Oshiro

The neon colour palette only received 102 votes, making up 2% of the total.

9. When it comes to wall paint, the most important thing for Malaysians is that the paint is long-lasting and worth it

Image via A Happy Mum

37% of respondents agreed quality was the most important thing, 11% looked for paint that is environmentally friendly, and 7% voted for the after effect of paint.

10. Two out of three Malaysians have heard about textured paint

Image via Nippon Paint

Textured paint allows you to easily turn your walls into art with a range of different textures and colours. A whopping 74% of Malaysians were willing to try it, while 5% have already used textured paint.

11. Nippon Paint was the number 1 go-to brand for Malaysians with 21% of the vote

Image via Illy Ariffin

49% of Malaysians admitted they have no idea what paint brand to use though.

12. Moving to a new house was the top reason for people to paint their house

Being inspired by friends and home decor TV shows was the second reason at 22% of the vote, while 11% said they would only paint their homes to hide wall problems.

So do you have the same opinions as everyone else?

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A recent Home Tester Club survey saw Nippon Paint Momento Special Effect Paint a star rating of 4.7 out of 5

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Watch what the Home Tester Club had to say:

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