We All Have These 9 Types Of Friends In Our Drinking Gang

One of them is probably you.

  • 1. The one who likes to start early

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    • You: "What time shall we meet at the bar?"
      Friend: "6pm."

      They'll also most likely refuse to meet after 9pm because it's "too late". 

  • 2. The one who's always busy with his or her phone

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    • When everyone's talking, this person will be texting or scrolling through Facebook. The only way to get their attention is probably via WhatsApp. 

  • 3. The one who only takes cocktails

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    • The fancier the name, the better. Especially if it's served in a Chinese porcelain bowl with orchid petals and a cherry. 

  • 4. The one who's always taking photos

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    • When the drinks are served - take a photo. 
      When everyone gets their drinks - take a wefie. 
      Before someone has to leave - take another wefie. 

  • 5. The one who could be a cheerleader

    • Halfway through the night, this guy will start ordering shots and getting everyone to drink, and to drink more. 

      But if you pay attention to their side of the table, you'll notice that they're the ones who drank the least.

  • 6. The one who seems to know every single drink there is in the bar

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    • This person rarely needs to look at the menu because they could tell what they want by just looking at all the bottles on display in the bar. Pretty sure they could ace a blindfold test and guess a drink just from its taste.

  • 7. The one who always offers to settle the bill first

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    • AKA the "I pay first" guy. You're the real MVP.

  • 8. The one who's the designated driver

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    • Someone has to do this, and usually we'll take turns. It also gives you a good excuse to avoid more shots. 

  • 9. The one who always has to leave earlier

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