K-Drama Fans Will Love This Hilariously Epic And Super Extra New Video By Watsons

It has it all - from epic slow-mo running to falling into oppa's arms!

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OMG gais, Watsons just released a hilarious K-themed video! If you love K-dramas as much as we do, you'll definitely giggle non-stop when you recognize some of the common tropes hehehe ;)

Check it out below:

Titled The Most Epic Romantic Tale, the video stars singer Ayda Jebat and former host Nabil Mahir as Mr. and Mrs. Kim-chee. Just the names alone already had us LOL-ing.

Btw, in case you didn't already know, these Malaysian celebrities are actually a real-life couple, awww! They've been the talk of the town ever since they announced that they were dating last November.

Nabil even recently said in an interview that the pair are extremely compatible and have actually been preparing to take their relationship to the next level, oOoOoOoOoOo.

The video starts off with the long-awaited dramatic reunion between the main couple, complete with epic slow-mo running

What kept them apart? A disapproving mother-in-law who tried to keep the poor girl away from her rich, chaebol son? Or maybe one of them ended up forgetting the other thanks to a case of good old car accident-induced amnesia? You decide!

And then of course she has to trip so oppa can come to her rescue with a smooth catch that lands her in his strong arms amaigad swooonnn <3

What K-drama would be complete without the all-too-familiar moment of the couple staring deep into each other's eyes? *cue melting over cheesy lines*

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