U Mobile's Plan Allows Users To Stream Unlimited Music On Their Phone For Free

Listen to Spotify, JOOX, KKBOX and your favourite radio stations for no extra charge!

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Are you the kind of person who always has a tune in your head and your phone is pretty much your jukebox?

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Whether you're studying, working, travelling, or simply chilling in your room, you need music in your ears to survive yet another day.

U Mobile is now offering FREE UNLIMITED music streaming on your phone without utilising your data

How is it free? How does it work? For a limited time only, U Mobile's Music-Onz allows users to stream unlimited music free of charge, without affecting your data. That means you'll receive Music-on-Demand all-day long, no matter where you are or what you're doing.

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Its the first telco in Malaysia to offer its users unlimited music streaming for free

Postpaid users:
Principle Hero Postpaid (P98) customers automatically receive Music-Onz completely free of charge. As a P98 customer, you'll get 30GB of high speed Internet, Unlimited Music-Onz, AND Unlimited calls to ALL networks.

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Broadband users:
Users who are on any of U Mobile's postpaid broadband plans, whether on MiFi Modem, USB modem or SIM card, are also automatically entitled to free unlimited Music-Onz streaming.

Prepaid users:
Prepaid users will receive free, unlimited Music-Onz with a purchase of Unlimited Mobile Internet (UMI), which gives you three times more high speed data, free extra data for Video-Onz, and free calls everyday.

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Enjoy streaming tunes from any of these 20 major music partners:

Listen to:
1. Apple Music
2. Spotify
4. Tidal
6. Raku
7. BFM 89.9
8. ERA fm
9. MY FM
10. hitz fm
11. MIX fm
12. LiteFM
13. Sinar FM
14. THR Raaga
15. THR Gegar
17. Fly FM
18. Hot FM
19. One FM
20. Kool FM

Yup, pretty much all the stations you'll ever need.

Whether you're studying in the library, working out at the gym, or chilling in your room, you'll get good vibes all the way with Music-Onz. :)

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Subscription chargers for individual music partners apply and free music streaming is valid for use in Malaysia only.

Postpaid users will also enjoy unlimited video streaming when viewing on Netflix, Facebook and more!

Unlimited Video-Onz data gives you the power to stream videos for free on Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, HyppTV, Astro On the Go and more. Yup, you won't have to worry about draining your data every month!

Sounds like a good plan? Get your Music-Onz with U Mobile now!

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How do you sign up? All active postpaid customer will get Music-Onz automatically.

Terms and conditions apply. Visit the U Mobile website for more details.

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