Win A Pair Of Flight Tickets To Sydney Through U Mobile’s 'Guess The Destination' Contest

Free holiday who dowan?

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It's time to put everything we ever learned in Geography class to good use and score yourself a free holiday to Australia!

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U Mobile just launched a contest called Guess The Destination where playing a simple game could win you a pair of flight tickets to Sydney, Australia.

Here's how to play:

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Step 1: Click here to open the game.
Step 2: Click on the 'connect with Facebook to play' button.
Step 3: Maneuver around the 360 degree image shown and identify the destination.
Step 4: Click on 'show map' button on the right panel and drop the red pins onto the destination you've identified.
Step 5: You will be directed to a page where you will receive your points and be shown the correct answer. Click on 'next location' to proceed to the next question and repeat the steps listed above.

Each round consists of 5 questions. You are given a time limit of 60 seconds per question and will earn 150 points for every accurate answer.

Once your time is up, you will be able to see both your score and the current highest score so that you'll know exactly where you rank in the game.

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Only one winner with the highest score will be chosen so here are a couple #PROTIPS to ensure you earn as many points as possible:

1. Try to be as on point as possible when pinning the locations because the more accurate you are, the more points you earn. For example, dropping the pin precisely on Melaka gains you way more points instead of what you'd get if you just dropped it anywhere in Malaysia.

2. Click on the 'share on Facebook' option at the end of the game to double your points.

This contest will be running from 14 December 2016 to 13 January 2017; the winner announcement will be made within 2 weeks after the contest has ended.

So stop wasting time and start playing now to increase your chances of winning, good luck! :D

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For when you win the contest ;) :

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