The 11 Most Essential Things You Need To Do When You’re In Sydney

Bookmark this list if you're heading down under for your next vacation.

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Chances are, Sydney is shortlisted as one of your 'must-go places' for your next holiday destination right? The fact that it's a vibrant, highly interesting city that isn't too far away from home makes it a shoo-in.

Then, you're in luck because AirAsiaGo is offering a great deal to get you there! Keep reading to find out more...but first you'll need to know what exactly you should be doing when you get there.

Sadly, you'll have to cross 'hunting down P.Sherman 42 Wallaby, Sydney' off your itinerary, it only can be found in the world of Finding Nemo. :(

Here's what you should do to ensure that your Sydney trip is totally unforgettable:

1. Witness the splendour that is Vivid Sydney, you won't believe your eyes!

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Once a year, the city of Sydney transforms into a night-time wonderland through large-scale illuminations, laser lightshows, and 3D-mapped projections. From 6pm every night, the city becomes a kaleidoscope of colours, music, and animation as part of the annual Vivid Sydney festival.

You'll be mesmerised as you wander around the city, re-discovering it in a whole new way. But Vivid Sydney is only running from May 27 to June 18 this year so you'll have to hurry over!

Location: All throughout the city.

2. Kick back and relax on Bondi Beach, then take a cool refreshing dip in the iconic Icebergs Baths

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You probably recognize Bondi Beach from postcards but trust us when we say it's much more stunning IRL. Aside from the usual beachside funtimes of BBQs and watersports, Bondi Beach also plays host to many local and international events and festivals.

But what it's most known for is the Bondi Icebergs Baths, a saltwater public pool right on the edge of the ocean which allows for safe frolicking in the sea.

PS: If you're lucky, you may just spot some whales, dolphins and fairy penguins!

Location: Waverly Council, 7km east of Sydney CBD.

3. Eat some of the most delicious and freshest seafood you'll ever have at the Sydney Fish Market

We'll let the pictures speak for themselves for this one. #foodporn

Location: 2km west of Sydney CBD.

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4. Take the chance to try some delectable treats that aren't available anywhere else in the world

OMG YUMMM can someone tapau for us PLEEEEAAASEEE?!

This delicate Strawberry Watermelon cake is almost too pretty to eat! If you manage to bring yourself to eat it though, it's fresh and light flavour will gently dance across your tongue and delight your senses.

Location: Black Star Pastry, 277 Australia St, Newtown.

Melbourne may hold the 'World's Best Coffee' title but this cafe in Sydney could definitely be a hot contender. Smooth and aromatic, it'll take all your willpower to stop you from drinking too many cups at once.

Location: Single Origin Roasters, 60-64 Reservoir St, Surry Hills.

Image via AU 123

If you're a fan of 'Masterchef Australia', you'll recognize this Snow Egg dessert from the Season 2 finale and we're sure it's been on your food bucket list ever since. But even if you haven't heard of it before, now that you're aware of it's existence you're not going to be able to get it out of your head until you try it.

The glorious combination of custard apple ice-cream, vanilla custard and cream, guava granita and puree, poached meringue, and maltose tuile is sure to please all.

Location: Quay Restaurant, Upper, Overseas Passenger Terminal, Hickson Rd, The Rocks.

5. Completely fall in love with the World Heritage listed, picturesque and breathtaking Greater Blue Mountains Area

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Spanning over 1 million hectares, the area encompasses natural wonders like sandstone cliffs, ethereal waterfalls, lush eucalyptus forests and vast bushlands. If you're a nature lover, this is your paradise. Go ahead and lose yourself in the very best of Australian nature.

Location: Less than two hours from Sydney, accessible by car, tour bus or train.

6. Get blown away by the stunning Jenolan Caves that resemble something from the pages of a fantasy novel

Image via jenolan caves

The Jenolan Caves are a collection of Australia's most impressive limestone caves. Each of the 11 caves (which have totally cool names btw, like Pool of Cerberus and Aladdin Cave) are known for something distinct, be it marine fossils, stalactite formations, pure-white calcite formations, or underground rivers.

If you want to opt for something a little different from the usual tours, you could give the nightly 'Legends, Mysteries & Ghosts' tour a try... if you dare. ;)

Location: In the Central Tablelands region, west of the Blue Mountains.

7. Check out what is arguably the most famous Australian landmark: the Sydney Opera House. It's not just a cool building to look at okay?

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It also plays host to some kicka*s events including but not limited to both classical and contemporary music concerts, musical theater performances, circus and magic shows, dance showcases, and art exhibitions.

Click here to check out the full list of ongoing events. You should definitely try to fit at least one into your itinerary.

Location: Right at the end of Bennelong Point, Sydney.

8. Climb to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge for a gorgeous panoramic view of the entire city

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That experience does cost quite a bit though so here's a pro tip if you're looking to save some money: take a walk along the pedestrian pathway located at the bridge's eastern edge. It's not quite the same view but it's definitely the next best thing.

Location: Stretches across the Sydney Harbour as a crossing between the Sydney CBD and the North Shore.

9. Explore the tallest building in Sydney, the Sydney Tower. There's something unique to discover on each floor.

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Level 1: enjoy revolving views of the Sydney skyline while you dine at 360 Bar & Dining.
Level 2: we're not exactly sure what Sydney Tower Buffet means when it calls itself a "contemporary self-select restaurant" but we sure want to find out!
Level 3: Sky Venue a.k.a the highest event space in the Southern Hemisphere.
Level 4: a magnificent observation deck and viewing platform called the Sydney Tower Eye plus there's also a really cool not-to-be-missed 4D cinema.

But best of all is Skywalk, the open-air glass pathway that stretches all the way around the Sydney Tower Eye. There's no better way to take in the all the sights of Sydney city at once than from 268 meters above ground level.

Location: On Market Street, between Pitt and Castlereagh Streets in the CBD area.

10. Get up-close and personal with Australian animals by camping overnight at Taronga Zoo

Image via Taronga Zoo

Divided into eight zoogeographic regions and home to over 4,000 animals of 340 species, Taronga Zoo offers a unique 'Roar and Snore' experience. It includes a gourmet buffet dinner, a one-and-a-half hour intimate night safari, spending the night in a campsite overlooking the Sydney Harbour and two exclusive, behind-the-scenes experiences. Your childhood dreams of living like Tarzan or Mowgli will finally come true!

Location: Bradleys Head Road, Mosman.

11. Stroll along Darling Harbour on a Saturday night

Sure you could check out all there is to do and see on Darling Harbour anytime you want (click here for a full list of attractions) but why specifically on a Saturday night you ask? Because there's a spectacular fireworks display held most Saturday nights from 8.30 pm!

Location: Adjacent to the city centre of Sydney.

Thinking about packing up and heading to Sydney RIGHT NOW?

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If you need a little more convincing about how amazing Vivid Sydney is:

Budget travel doesn't have to be a bad thing:

How many of these excuses are you guilty of using?