There Are Only 400 Of These 'Broccoli-Like' Trees In The World & They're All In Malaysia

They are called giam kanching.

Cover image via @arnabgurun (Instagram) & Bapak Aku Punya Production (YouTube)

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Hopea subalatea, also known as giam kanching, is a scarce tree species that only exists in Malaysia

It is understood that there are only 400 of these rare trees left in the world.

They are found specifically within the Kanching Forest Reserve in Selangor, with a mere 10 trees surviving outside its boundaries.

Typically reaching only about 32cm in diameter, this tree has often been compared to broccoli due to its long, slender trunk and compact crown of densely packed leaves

The Rawang Bypass, which cuts through the forest, was constructed with care to conserve the environment, including these 400 endangered trees

Despite significantly reducing travel time for motorists from two hours to just 30 minutes between Serendah and Selayang, the initial highway design would have led to the cutting of trees and the disruption of wildlife.

In order to minimise disturbance to the environment and eco-system, the 10.66km highway was built with a deliberately curvy alignment and a 2.7km elevated section reaching an impressive 58.2 meters above ground, making it the tallest highway in Malaysia.

This design choice was made to specifically avoid disturbing the environmentally sensitive area below the bypass.

Image via gthofook/Flickr

Now, on a clear day, as you take a scenic drive along the bypass, you'll be treated to panoramic views surrounded by the lush greenery, including glimpses of these very special trees

There's even a hike to Bukit Matt that'll let you enjoy the scenery from a bird's eye view.

You can watch this clip of the trees below:

These snails also only exist in Malaysia:

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