These Restaurants Are Going Green On GrabFood. Here’s How You Can Support Them

Enjoy your favourite food and be kind to the environment.

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Ever seen this when you order on GrabFood?

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Grab first introduced this toggle feature to let you opt out of single-use plastic cutlery in November last year. Within just two months, GrabFood saw 84.25% of its customers choose to not use plastic cutlery, which means more and more Malaysians are becoming eco-conscious.

This is just one of the little ways Grab is helping the environment every time someone orders on GrabFood. Recently, Grab has also been encouraging and helping its merchants to go green with their new initiative.

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These days, everyone is talking about sustainability and going green. If you’re not sure where to start, you can actually help the environment by supporting businesses that are eco-conscious. In fact, you can make a difference through small eco-friendly changes like this in your everyday life.

The best part is that GrabFood now features 'green merchants', so you can order your favourite food while being good to the environment. Through this green initiative by GrabFood, restaurants are encouraged to do their part in creating a positive impact for the environment. Just click on the ‘Let’s Paint The Earth Green’ banner within the app to see all the restaurants available.

On top of that, GrabFood is also offering merchants special prices on eco-packaging, as well as up to 100,00 free eco paper bags to eco merchants. The environmentally friendly food packaging materials are from PXL Marketing via the e-commerce platform, Wooba. The paper bags are also in collaboration with PXL Marketing and manufactured by Packaton using 100% recyclable FSC-certified paper.

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Going green isn't easy, especially for smaller businesses. Nevertheless, these restaurants have taken extra steps to make it possible.

Whether it's for dine-in or for GrabFood deliveries, restaurants have begun to use sustainable alternatives for take-out bags, takeaway food packaging, and single-use plastic cutlery. Besides that, they are also separating waste for recycling and composting. All these small steps go a long way in making an impact to our environment.

We went to check out one of the local restaurants listed as eco-friendly on the GrabFood app to see it for ourselves

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One of the local hidden gems in Taman Desa, it might be easy to miss the unassuming Charlie’s Cafe & Bakery. Opened in 2015, this neighbourhood cafe serves up Malaysian comfort food like Nasi Lemak Chicken Chop, Sarawak Laksa, and their signature UFO Tart.

According to owner Sonny Tuzan, when he and his wife started Charlie’s Cafe, they knew they wanted to be a social enterprise that could help the community and be a channel of blessing to others.

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“When Grab lent us a helping hand and provided a better packaging solution, we realised this is one way for us to challenge the community. After 5 years of using plastic, [we wanted to get our customers] to journey with us. We can actually change our mindset and perception about going green,” shared Sonny.

Now, Charlie’s Cafe uses boxes and bowls made of sugarcane pulp, instead of plastic ones, as well as wooden utensils to reduce the use of plastic

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Takeaway soup and sauces still require plastic lids, because unfortunately there aren’t any affordable sustainable alternatives. However, this is definitely a move in the right direction for Charlie’s Cafe and other eco-friendly merchants on GrabFood.

Watch the full video below:

This video of Charlie's Cafe was shot before the Movement Control Order in March 2020.

Want to support local eco-friendly restaurants on GrabFood? You can order from any of these restaurants below:

1. Aunty Sam Satay, Damansara Utama
2. Bowl, Bowl by Rinse, Bandar Sri Damansara
3. Cauli & Rice, Subang Jaya
4. Charlie’s Cafe & Bakery, Taman Desa
5. Heaven Eat, Kayu Ara
6. M Fried Chicken, Subang Jaya
7. Nagomi Teppanyaki, KL
8. Salad Atelier, PJ & KL
9. Oh Juice, PJ
10. VEGELAB, Cheras
11. Two Lost Beans, SS5
12. Kyochon 1991, PJ & KL
13. R.A.W Juicery & Eatery, KL
14. Ennoble by Elevate (Whole Cakes), PJ
15. Rawsome, PJ &KL

(More coming soon)

This recent initiative is part of Grab's long-term commitment to be a brand that's on the forefront of sustainability

Grab has signed the 'No Plastic in Nature by 2030', a Regional Plastic ACTion Platform (PACT) with WWF Malaysia, showing the brand's commitment to be a more eco-friendly business. Beside this initiative, Grab will continue to work with WWF to roll out educational toolkits to help its restaurant-partners adopt more sustainable business practices and packaging.

Find out more about Grab's green initiatives on their website today.

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