GrabFood Is No Longer Giving Out Single-Use Plastic Cutlery With Your Orders

The food delivery service inked a PACT with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to be a more eco-friendly service by 2030.

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GrabFood just got a lot more "green" with its first environmentally friendly initiative - saying 'no' to plastic cutlery

In a press release today, 11 November, the food delivery service announced the effort to kick-start its long-term sustainaibility plan.

"Our GrabFood service is fast becoming a part of Malaysian's staple option to order food," said Grab Malaysia country head Sean Goh.

"Recognising the unique role we play in the industry, we want to facilitate positive change by encouraging our partners, both consumers and restaurant-partners alike, to join us in making a firm commitment to reduce single-use plastic cutlery."

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Since 5 November, GrabFood users were able to toggle the 'plastic cutlery' option when placing an order

Users are automatically opted out of requesting for plastic cutlery. To request for a set, just toggle the button to turn it back on.

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A pilot programme for the 'no plastic cutlery' option was tested with a selected number of restaurants earlier this year.

"Results from the pilot indicated that almost 60% of orders from the selected restaurants opted not to receive single-use plastic cutlery," GrabFood said in the press release.

"This is a testament that consumers are environmentally conscious and only proactively choose to receive cutlery if necessary."

Additionally, GrabFood has started a 'Green Fund' which will eventually be channelled towards helping its partners switch to eco-friendly packaging

From now until the end of December 2019, 10 sen will be put aside from every order where customers opt out of single-use plastic cutlery.

The fund will then be used to support GrabFood's restaurant-partners - especially small, micro-entrepreneurs, and medium-sized restaurants - in switching to eco-friendly packaging at a better cost price.

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To show its commitment towards being a more eco-friendly service, Grab has also signed a Regional Plastic ACTion Platform (PACT) with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to ensure there is 'No Plastic in Nature by 2030'.

"Through this partnership with WWF, GrabFood will be introducing several initiatives and educational toolkits to assist its restaurant-partners to adopt more sustainable business practices and packaging," added the press release.

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Grab's efforts are in line with Minister Yeo Bee Yin's aim to make Malaysia a zero single-use plastic nation by 2030:

Meanwhile, check out how these Malaysians are trying to reduce single-use plastic consumption in their own ways:

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