26 Things People Who Don’t Wear Glasses Will Never Understand

"One... (switches lens) or two?"

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1. Squuuuiiiiinting because you can't see what's written on the blackboard

A.k.a. the first sign that you need glasses.

2. Having your friends think you're sombong coz you don't smile back when they wave at you

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It's probably because I don't recognise you, coz you're so far away so I can't see. #sorry

3. How stressful it is seeing the eye doctor, like when they tell you to read the last line of this chart WITHOUT ANY GLASSES ON

That's what I'm here for, to get glasses so I can see.

4. Or spending hours trying to pick the perfect frame because they can either make or break your face

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"Do I want a round frame, or a rectangular frame? Rimless glasses or thick, hipster ones? Black or blue? Pink or red? ARGH!"

5. Think that's the worst part? Hahahaaa... no. It's when the eye doctor puts you through this test:

6. Getting your new pair of glasses and putting them on for the first time, it's like:

Image via Disney

Sure, you'll feel a little dizzy as your eyes get used to it but WOW, EVERYTHING IS IN HD!

7. When you first get your glasses...

8. ... Vs. two weeks later

Ain't nobody got time to bring that microfibre cloth around.

9. Having people think you have to wear glasses because you read too much... padahal it's because you play computer games all day

If you sit with your face so close to the computer screen like this guy, you're eyes confirm *rosak* one.

Image via Fortune

10. This happening whenever you take off your glasses

11. People getting surprised by how different you look when you take off your glasses a.k.a. the Superman effect

You with glasses vs. without glasses.

Image via Twitter @Muhammad_Essam

Cue the "Eh, you look better without glasses!" and "Why don't you wanna wear contact lens?" comments.

Oh, and "Why don't you get LASIK?" Sure, just lemme rob a bank first...

12. "What's your power?"

Image via

13. "Can I try them on?"

Image via Sony Pictures

14. "Wah, your power so high! Luckily my power is not so high / I don't need to wear specs!"

15. "How many fingers am I holding up?" Guys, I can see, I just can't see well. -__-

16. Getting hit by a ball during PJ class and hoping your glasses don't break

17. The only way to lie down with your glasses on is NOT on your side

18. When you wake up and can't find your glasses coz they fell off the table

19. Your glasses fogging up when you walk out of an air-conditioned car/room or try to drink anything hot

20. Wishing your glasses had tiny windshield wipers when you get caught in the rain

21. Not being able to wear cool shades

Yeah, okay, there's always clip-on shades... but they're not as cool!

22. "Do I wanna go through two and a half hours of 'Captain America: Civil War' in IMAX 3D...?"

23. Seeing youngsters start wearing glasses without lenses because it's "cool"

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24. Procrastinating on making new glasses even though they are already scratched and battered beyond saving

Your prescription changes too, FYI.

25. This happening whenever you take a photo with your glasses on

You can always take them off. :D

26. Debating whether or not to switch to contact lenses, but deciding to stick with glasses... for various reasons

For one, glasses do a great job covering your eye bags. :)

Based on personal experience, contacts make this writer's eyes so dry and tired, and tired eyes = clearer eye bags. :(

After all, wearing glasses don't have to be burdensome if you know these tricks:

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