[VIDEO] Malaysia Is The First Country To Get The New Guinness Bright

It has a fresh taste with a smooth finish.

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Guinness recently launched their latest new brew: Guinness Bright

Guinness Bright

Posted by SAYS on Tuesday, May 30, 2017

With coffee, ginger, and lemongrass flavour extracts infused, Guinness Bright has a fresh taste with a smooth finish

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Nick Larkworthy, the Marketing Manager for Guinness and Diageo brands at Heineken Malaysia Berhad, made this statement at the launch:

"Guinness Bright is a stout unlike anything we’ve brewed at Guinness before. The smooth, fresh taste and unique flavour profile makes Guinness Bright a more approachable stout with a refreshing taste, perfect for those who wouldn’t normally consider themselves stout fans.

Stout-lovers won’t be disappointed either, as more than 250 years of craft, expertise, and know-how of brewing incredible stout has been brought to bear in the creation of Guinness Bright.”

And the best part is that Malaysia is actually the only country it's available in

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Guinness Bright was crafted exclusively for Malaysia, through a partnership between the brewers at Heineken Malaysia Berhad and Guinness' Open Gate Brewery in Dublin. You won't be able to find it anywhere else in the world!

Guinness Bright is available in 325ml bottles and 320ml cans, and can be found at bars, pubs, restaurants, coffeeshops, and supermarkets nationwide

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