What Colour Is Your Handbag? Feng Shui Says These 8 Colours Will Bring You Wealth This CNY

Optimise your luck, passion, and positive energy this year!

Cover image via Laura Chouette/Unsplash & Martin Blanquer/Unsplash

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In feng shui, it is believed that every aspect of our surroundings influence our energy and wellbeing

Feng shui is rooted in ancient Chinese geomancy or natural energies, which include the elements of fire, earth, water, metal, and wood.

According to John Lok, principal consultant at Feng Shui 0011, even handbags can influence the new year.

"Their colour, how women hold them, and what goes in them can all affect your luck," Lok told Reuters. He goes on to explain that holding your handbag on the left will increase what goes inside and decrease what goes out.

Here are the meanings behind your handbag colour according to feng shui:

1. Red

Red is associated with luck, passion, and positive energy. It is the colour of intensity, fire, and auspicious Chi. If you want to stir up the energy and attract more money, go for red and choose an angular shape.

Wear it if you want: Good fortune and overall vitality.

2. Black

Black represents the water element and is associated with respect, strength, and power. Combined with a curvy shape, you can manifest more wealth. A black handbag will help you feel in charge of your money.

Wear it if you want: A sense of security and help navigating challenges.

3. Green or light blue

Image via InStyle

Green and light blue represent the wood element, which is linked to growth, health, and harmony. Use a rectangular-shaped bag to bring in new beginnings and reach new heights.

Wear it if you want: Balance and wellbeing.

4. Dark blue

Image via Walmart

Blue represents calmness, wisdom, and communication. It is associated with the water element, which provides abundance and energy flow. A blue handbag will lead to more wealth flowing into your life.

Wear it if you want: Clear communication and healthy wealth flow.

5. Yellow or brown

Image via Purse Blog

Yellow symbolises happiness, warmth, and positive energy, while brown represents stability, grounding, and reliability. Both are connected to the earth element.

Dark, earthy yellow and brown handbags attract financial stability and dependability, while bright, sunny yellows can attract attention and cause more movement in your finances. Square-shaped bags are best for days when you want to be approachable.

Wear it if you want: Joy for brighter tones and stability for darker tones.

6. Pink or purple

Image via Pinterest

Much like red, pink and purple are both fire element colours. Pink embodies love, compassion, and nurturing. It is also seen as a catalyst for change and causes more energy to flow. For optimum wealth and financial flow, experts advise getting a bright pink handbag.

Meanwhile, purple represents abundance and is associated with money. It's also traditionally the colour of royalty and opulence.

Wear it if you want: Feelings of love and a supportive atmosphere.

7. White

Image via Harpers Bazaar

White is associated with purity, clarity, and new beginnings. It represents the metal element. Choosing a round shape can help increase your decision-making and logic. White handbags will get your money in order and plan your financial future.

Wear it if you want: A fresh start and a sense of order to your life.

8. Gold or silver

Image via Breakin.PK

Gold and silver both represent the metal element. Gold is associated with wealth, abundance, and prosperity, while silver is connected to clarity, purity, and modernity.

Experts believe combining gold and red will bring fortunate blessings, while mixing purple and silver together results in luxurious wealth.

Wear it if you want: Financial success and a clear, focused mindset.

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