7 Stylish Unisex Bags That Every Man Needs To Elevate Their Look

Or, get it so you can stop asking your bae to carry your stuff.

Cover image via @munimalism (Instagram) & @thewesstudio (Instagram)

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1. UNIQLO Utility 2Way Bag — RM129.90

Image via Uniqlo
Image via Uniqlo

Ask any guy to recommend you a bag, and most, if not all, would recommend getting one from UNIQLO. Their bags are not just good quality, but also durable, practical, and fashionable.

This bag, for example, serves as a versatile fashion piece as it has a two-way design — it can be used as a backpack or tote bag — making it suitable for both outdoor and casual activities.

When using it as a tote bag, you can secure the backpack straps at the back to give the bag a nice, clean look. 

The bag sports a water-repellent finish, a storage capacity of 20 litres, reinforced backpack straps, and a large front pocket. 

Click here to purchase or visit your nearest UNIQLO store. 

2. COS Tie-Dye Packable Tote - Nylon — USD49 (RM227.66)

Image via COS
Image via COS

If casual is your go-to style, you'll love this recycled-nylon tote bag from COS. With a webbing crossbody strap and a pair of grab handles, this tote bag is the perfect accessory for café hopping, bazaar trips, or even strolls.

It sports a soft, deconstructed shape, allowing you to easily fit as many things as you like. 

COS also shared that there is a snap-stud pouch inside the bag. You can pack it into the bag's own pocket or clip it onto one of the grab handles. 

Click here to purchase. 

3. MUNI TUAI Tricolor Knot Pouch — RM79

All MUNI products are designed, sewn, and hand-dyed using a natural dye in Malaysia. One of its iconic bags is the knot pouch, which is perfect for those looking to carry something small. 

MUNI's knot pouch boasts two asymmetrical grab handles. The longer handle is designed to be looped into the smaller handle to close the bag, creating a 'knot'.

What makes MUNI's knot pouch so cool, however, is the various colour series it releases every now and then. From sea blue and mint to tri-colour combinations and tie-dye patterns, MUNI definitely has a colour for everyone. 

However, take note that its bags, especially popular colours, sell out very quickly, and are seldom restocked. 

Click here to purchase. Or, you can check 'em out at these locations: 
- Unplug, Bangsar Village II, KL
- ilaika, Paramount Garden, PJ
- Remedy, The Zhongshan Building, KL
- Mano Plus, GMBB, KL 
- Mano Go, REXKL 
- Mano Plus, George Town, Penang
- PICO, Melaka

4. The Wes Studio Croissant Nylon Crossbody Bag — RM109

The Wes Studio is an inclusive local clothing brand that designs gender-neutral bags, clothings, and accessories.

One of the many bags we love from them is the Croissant Nylon Crossbody Bag, which adds a nice touch to smart casual, casual, or streetwear outfits. 

The larger-than-usual crossbody bag comes with a single adjustable shoulder strap as well as zip compartments inside. 

Click here to purchase. Or, check 'em out at these locations: 
- JunHo, Pavilion Bukit Jalil
- Mano Plus GMBB, KL
- Mano Go, REXKL
- Mano Plus, George Town, Penang

5. Nazifi Nasri Mini Oked — RM155

Heading somewhere fancy? Or wanna complete your OOTD look? Local brand Nazifi Nasri's posh yet reasonable Mini Oked will do just the trick.

Nazifi Nasri started off designing bags for men, but has now expanded its product offerings to women as well.

Its Mini Oked is one of its many popular unisex bags. Designed using animal-free leather, the bag is soft to the touch. It comes in 15 colours, so there's definitely something for everyone.

You can wear it two ways — as a handbag or a cross-body with an adjustable strap.

Click here to purchase. 

6. DBLA Crossbody Knot — RM149

We can all agree at this point that crossbody bags are a godsend. And this Crossbody Knot bag from DBLA is no exception. 

It sports two knots at one side of the bag, which can be worn at the front or back. It's big and comes in various colours, like black and brown, which are sure to complement most of your OOTDs effortlessly. 

If you prefer a shorter strap, however, then you'll love DBLA's Baguette bag. It sports an almost-similar design to its counterpart, but functions as a shoulder bag. 

DBLA mostly accepts pre-orders. Click here to purchase. 


As its name suggests, NOBAT's ULTRA TOTE Bag is truly ultra large, ultra stylish, and ultra gorgeous. 

The bag comes with a single interior pocket, but that shouldn't be an issue, since it's so big that you can fit everything in there. It's perfect for those who carry many items, but dislike compartmentalising them into different pockets. 

The bag, which comes in black, nude, or brown, functions well as a small carry-on, a shopping bag, or even a work bag. 

Click here to purchase. 

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