[VIDEOS] Here Are 9 Raya Short Films Of 2023 That Will Give You All The Feels

For your yearly tradition of watching festive ads. :D

Cover image via Furvit Pet (YouTube) , Julie's Biscuits (YouTube) , Seng Cars World (YouTube)

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1. Kisah Raya P.E.R.I.T by Julie's Biscuits

Revolving around a mother and daughter, the video shows the duo reminiscing previous balik kampung journeys, with the daughter, Farah, curiously asking why they always seem to arrive late for Raya celebrations every year.

Turns out, the memories from those trips aren't all happy ones, at least not for single mum Timah. And — that's not all she is hiding. How does a secret association come into play, and what is Timah's role in it all? Tune in to find out!

2. Panaroma Abah Den by Etiqa

While most people balik kampung for Raya, this year, a father from the village spends the festive season in Kuala Lumpur with his son and family. 

As soon as Abah Den spots the skyline of the city, he is amazed at the tall buildings, and eagerly snaps photos and videos from the car. Engrossed in the activity, he eventually asks his son to pull over by the side of the road so he can get out and take panoramic shots.

Abah Den's son, however, is annoyed by the old man's antics. Little does he know his father has a noble promise to keep.

3. Dilema Irama by Petronas

Nadim, who has a penchant for music, follows in the footsteps of his musician father, Man Gambus. He does this by pursuing his passion for music in university, much to the delight of his dad.

Unlike his father, however, Nadim prefers modern tunes compared to the traditional songs his father enjoys and plays. When asked to perform with Man Gambus and his traditional music band during Raya, Nadim reluctantly agrees.

4. Gambar Pagi Raya by Air Selangor

Like many people during the festive season, Anis hopes to capture the perfect Raya family photo.

Every year, something always seems to go wrong when the family gets together in front of the camera, but this time, she is determined to make it work.

On the morning of Raya, she makes sure everyone dons their new, festive baju, and has dishes ready and served on the table before posing for a photo op to better her odds. Will she get her wish of capturing the perfect family photo?

5. Mak, Kau Tak Hijau! by Gamuda Land

Khatijah can't wait for her daughter Aishah and son-in-law Danish to return home for the holidays.

When they finally arrive, the eco-conscious couple run errands and help out with chores around the house before Hari Raya, from making a compost pile and separating trash to bringing their own reusable containers when buying food. 

This leaves Khatijah perplexed. She wonders why Aishah and Danish keep up their green effort, and thinks it's a waste of time. Nevertheless, Khatijah's opinion changes when she finally understands the reason.

6. Jodoh Syafiderella by Safi

Inspired by a certain fairy tale, this musical-style short film follows Syafiderella and her two older stepsisters, Suria and Jojie, who both have the hots for Prince Charming a.k.a. Amir.

When Raya morning comes, Syafiderella longs to visit Amir's open house. However, her stepsisters have other plans, locking her in her room so they can woo Amir for themselves.

Watch as this classic story gets a Malaysian and Raya twist, complemented with beautiful melodies to boot.

7. Manih-Manih Podeh by Saji Malaysia

While packing homemade sambal paru for their neighbours during Raya, Ilham shares his ambitions of being a successful social media influencer with his dad, who almost instantly disapproves.

They end up having a bitter argument, with Ilham leaving home after his dad let out hurtful words in the heat of the moment.

A couple of years go by without the duo making contact — until Ilham takes a bite of some sambal paru that tastes unexpectedly familiar.

8. Hadiah Baba by Seng Cars Group

The story centres around Aina and her father. Recounting unforgettable memories of them together, she talks about how her dad can get on her nerves by treating her like a child.

Things come to a head when he forgets her 18th birthday, causing a hurt Aina to lash out at her dad. Despite the setbacks, their bond as father and daughter helps them rise against their issues.

9. Indahnya Raya by Furvit Pet

This happy tale follows husband and wife Nizam and Indah, who are celebrating their 13th Raya together — oh, with their cute BBs too. ;)

Prepping ingredients for breakfast the night before, Nizam and Indah make sure everything is in its place so that their little family will have a happy Raya. Watch till the end to catch a glimpse of their adorable BBs! <3

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