Here’s How HEINEKEN Malaysia Is Helping Local Bars And Pubs Through These Tough Times

You can do your part to help by buying drink vouchers.

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This Spotlight is sponsored by HEINEKEN Malaysia.

Remember what it was like going for a drink with your buddies and unwinding after work? It's been a while since we've been able to do that... T__T

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Though the Movement Control Order (MCO) restrictions are looser now, it might already be too late for some of our favourite pubs and bars.

While the MCO, social distancing, and the new normal are incredibly important steps in mitigating the spread of COVID-19, the reality is that many businesses are suffering as a result.

On top of already not having a steady revenue stream for several months now, many bars and pubs have still not been able to reopen

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Many of us have the luxury of being able to work from home and still earn our usual salaries, but that's not true for entrepreneurs like bar and pub owners. Without their regular revenue, many are struggling to pay staff wages, rent, and other overheads. This makes it difficult for them to prepare to reopen.

If we don't do our part to help them, it is likely that many of them will close their doors for good, noooooo! :(

In order to help our favourite bars and pubs survive these challenging times, HEINEKEN Malaysia has launched a new platform called Raise Our Bars

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Once the MCO is lifted, it's still going to be hard for bars and pubs to recover. That's why Raise Our Bars was created—to help them out financially. This one-stop platform makes it super easy for you to support your favourite outlet. Just look for it on the site, and then buy a voucher for a beer, stout, or cider.

When the MCO is lifted, drop by your selected outlet to claim your drink. Plus, you'll even get an extra drink on the house, paid for by HEINEKEN Malaysia!

Thaddeus, the owner of Powerplant, greatly appreciates the Raise Our Bars initiative

Inspired by pojangmachas (Korean cart bars) a.k.a pochas, Powerplant is a hip Korean fusion restaurant and bar, with multiple outlets. To cope with the MCO, they are currently offering 'Netflix & Chill' delivery menus, which consists of different packages of yummy Korean food, snacks, and of course, various types of alcohol.

"I appreciate the kind thoughts and action of HEINEKEN Malaysia for the initiative to help bars and restaurants during this crisis. I believe the cumulative amount on Heineken's side is a substantial figure," said Thaddeus.

In anticipation of the new normal, he is prepared to work closely with HEINEKEN Malaysia to develop mutually-beneficial campaigns and continue adhering to the government's SOPs.

Emily Foo, Marketing Manager of Guāng, also expressed her gratitude and gave Raise Our Bars a thumbs up

A few of the Japanese-themed restaurant & bar outlets have now reopened for dine-ins. Of course, they are making sure to follow social distancing guidelines and are working hard to create a safe environment so their customers will be able to dine-in comfortably.

"The programme definitely helped to drive crowds to outlets during CMCO, especially for the USJ outlet. Plus, customers tend to stay on and order more beer from menu price," said Emily.

Daniel Hackenberg, General Manager of The Social, echoed their sentiments as well, saying that Raise Our Bars is a "great initiative by HEINEKEN Malaysia to help outlets in this current situation"

Most of the restaurant & bar outlets have reopened for dine-in, but they are still offering takeaway and delivery services as well. For the health and safety of their customers as well as their own team, they have set strict social distancing rules for dine-ins, and are also carrying out various protective practices.

More than 750 bars across Malaysia have already signed up to join Raise Our Bars, which is great to hear, as this initiative helps them in more than one way

Firstly, it's completely free for them to join!

They'll also be getting 100% of the money from the voucher sales. This gives them some much-needed income to help pay rent and wages, as well as cover other costs.

And finally, this will also help kickstart their business once the MCO is over, as people will drop by to claim their vouchers.

If you've forgotten what it's like to go out and have a drink at your favourite bar, this video will bring back all those fond memories:

Set to the familiar tune of 80's hit Don't You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds, this nostalgic video cleverly calls upon us to not forget about our favourite bars and pubs. When the MCO is over, it'll be up to us to help them get back on their feet again.

The vouchers range between RM16 and RM19. They will be on sale from now until 30 June 2020, or until all vouchers have been sold.

You can buy up to three vouchers, and they can be redeemed when bars are permitted to reopen until 31 August 2020, depending on the outlet.

HEINEKEN Malaysia has committed RM1 million to support this initiative

Besides sponsoring the additional drinks, HEINEKEN Malaysia is also absorbing all associated fees and charges, so that the bars and pubs won't have to worry about any extra costs.

And as mentioned earlier, 100% of what you pay for the voucher goes to the chosen bar. That extra money is exactly what they need right now, and will definitely help them loads!

When you go to redeem your vouchers, please do remember to follow the appropriate safe behaviour guidelines.

Make sure to practise these 5Cs at all times whenever you're at a restaurant or bar.

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1. Check your distance - Keep a physical distance of at least one metre between yourself and other customers
2. Clean your hands - Frequently wash your hands with soap and use hand sanitiser
3. Cash-free payment - Use contactless payment options, such as eWallets or credit and debit cards, as much as possible
4. Contact tracing - Please do provide your personal details for contact tracing purposes
5. Come back later - Please do stay at home if you're not feeling well

Head on over to Raise Our Bars to support your favourite bars and pubs!

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