Colgate Is Donating Toothpaste & Other Necessities To Malaysians But They Need Your Help

Let's #SmileStrongBersama Colgate. <3

Cover image via Colgate Malaysia & Singapore & Larm Rmah (Unsplash)

This Spotlight is sponsored by Colgate. 

This unprecedented year has truly been a challenging one for everyone

Many have been laid off from their jobs. Businesses are struggling. And over the past year, we've mostly stayed at home and practised physical distancing. 

Moreover, there are families in both rural and urban areas, who have been hit especially hard. Many of them struggle to put food on the table, more so when it comes to even getting basic necessities for themselves. 

Colgate pledges to donate care packs to the underpriviledge groups and you can support by giving your smiles via the "Donate A Smile" filter on Colgate Malaysia's Instagram account

From now until 31 January, Colgate pledges to donate one care pack to the poor and needy around Malaysia for every 5 Instagram stories posted using their "Donate A Smile" filter.

In other words, just by taking a story of yourself smiling while using the IG filter, you get to contribute in donating a box of smiles to the less privileged.

Here's how you can take part:
1. Head over to Colgate's Instagram page
2. Click on the "Donate A Smile" filter in their bio
3. Don't forget to tag @colgate_malaysia before you post the story of you smiling!

Make sure to get your friends and family to show their radiance as well, and Colgate will do the rest. You're not only spreading positivity by smiling, but contributing in a powerful movement that will bring smiles to others.

Colgate has always believed in the importance of smiling and wants to urge everyone to stand together, and to give one another a reason to continue smiling

Colgate wants to build a future where everyone can smile and be positive, especially during these challenging times. 

With healthy and strong teeth, not only can you grin and make positive changes for yourself, but for others too. In fact, like our own fingerprints, everyone's teeth are unique. So, show off those brilliant whites to help someone out.

Many awesome Malaysians have already taken part in #SmileStrongBersama. Check them out:

In the meantime, Colgate is also raising awareness by partnering with inspiring Malaysians, who are making positive changes in their own way <3

Check out the powerful and inspiring video below: 

Every smile counts. When you donate more smiles, Colgate will continue to donate more care packs too.

Start donating and use Colgate's "Donate A Smile" filter today!

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