Here Are 4 Tips To Help You Find Out If A University Course Is Right For You

The course you choose in university can significantly impact your future and career.

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Selecting the right undergraduate course is an important decision, as it can significantly impact your career, and most importantly, your future

That's why it's essential to slowly take your time into conducting thorough research and considering all aspects and factors. 

Not sure where to begin? Here are four easy tips to help you get started:

1. Explore your interests
Start by listing several universities that spark your interest. From there, consider factors such as reputation, course offerings, campus facilities, and location. It's important to find a university that resonates with your academic aspirations.

2. Speak to current students
To gain valuable insights and advice, browse through online forums and blogs where current students and graduates share their experiences. Their perspectives can help you understand the course structure, teaching quality, and overall student satisfaction at the universities you're considering.

3. Attend open days
Attending a university's open day is an excellent opportunity to visit campuses, interact with faculty members and students, and gain firsthand experience of the university's atmosphere. This can help you determine if the university and student life align with what you're seeking.

4. Follow your passion
While doing your research, it's crucial to remember that the final decision should be based on your passion. Don't be easily influenced by others; instead, focus on your own interests and goals. Pursuing a course that excites and motivates you will help you excel better, gain long-term satisfaction, and create lifelong memories.

If you're still browsing through courses and universities, Multimedia University (MMU) is a local private university that's been on the forefront of education over the past two decades

Image via MMU

As the first private university approved by the Malaysian government, MMU adheres to the strictest requirements for a high-quality degree. 

With campuses in Cyberjaya and Melaka, MMU offers industry-ready bachelor programmes revolving around computer science, information technology, science, multimedia, and cinematic arts. The university stands out for its commitment to equipping students with relevant skills and knowledge demanded by today's job market.

Here's a look at some of the programmes offered by MMU:

With the increasing complexity and sophistication of computer systems, there is a rising demand for intelligent and advanced applications. Incorporating intelligent capabilities into computer applications has become a standard practice, whether it's developing web-based intelligent search engines or creating standalone intelligent applications. This programme will equip you with the necessary and in-demand knowledge and skills required to build much-needed intelligent computer systems.

Career prospects:
- Data Scientist
- Intelligent Software Developer
- AI Consultant
- Knowledge Engineer
- Software Engineer
- Web Analyst

Information technology, data analytics, as well as the ability to plan, design, visualise, analyse, and interpret business statistical data — these are some of the skills you'll gain when you enrol on this programme.

This programme equips you with business intelligence and analytical skills, allowing you to provide insights and help corporations be agile in business.

Career prospects:
- SAP Specialist
- Data Scientist
- Computer Scientist
- IT Auditor
- Knowledge Engineer
- Business Intelligence Consultant
- IT Business Analyst
- Web Analyst

Initially established as BMm (Hons) (Film & Animation) in 1997, this bachelor's degree has been instrumental in shaping the art and design aspects of animation, visual effects, and film language. It is specifically designed to serve as a driving force for the animation industry in Malaysia, providing a platform for aspiring animators to develop their skills and contribute to the growth of this dynamic field.

Career prospects:
- Modeller
- Texturing Artist
- Animator
- Storyboard Artist
- Rigging Artist
- Technical Director
- Creative Director
- Designer
- Screenwriter
- Concept Artist
- Compositor
- Art Director
- Lighting Artist
- Render Artist
- 3D Artist
- 2D Artist
- Editor

This programme adopts a comprehensive approach to the "script-to-screen" method of filmmaking. You'll dive into the fundamentals of idea development and progress through the various stages of film production, culminating in showcasing your own creations.

You'll also learn to effectively combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills, as well as gain hands-on experience working on a diverse range of short films, spanning narrative fiction, documentary, music videos, and interactive and experimental moving images.

Career prospects:
- Film Director
- Film Producer
- Scriptwriter
- Film Editor
- Film & Television Production
- Television Programming
- Showrunner
- Advertising
- Post Production
- Screenwriting for Film & Television
- Documentary Filmmaking
- Film Education
- Culture & Creative Industry

This programme offers engineering fundamentals and hands-on practical skills, integrating electronics, robotics, artificial intelligence, automation, and computer programming modules all into one. It embraces a contemporary educational approach by offering early exposure to real-world applications. Upon completion, graduates will be well-equipped for the era of Industry 4.0 and beyond, making them highly desirable to the industry.

Career prospects: 
- Robotics System Designer/Programmer
- AI and Machine Learning Developer
- Embedded System Designer
- Control and Automation Specialist
- Field Application Technologist
- Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Designer
- Production and Planning Engineer
- Industry 4.0 Technologist

One of MMU's newest bachelor's degrees, this programme merges management and IT courses to provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge required to thrive in a technology-driven future.

It offers a hands-on, easy-to-learn team-based approach in IT courses such as SAP(ERP) software, KNIME Analytics Platform for data science, mobile app development, and Python programming. SAP is an ERP software that is used by almost 90% of the largest companies in the world.

Career prospects:
- Process Consultant
- IT Consultant
- IT Manager
- Mobile App Developer
- Database Administrator

MMU has many more programmes on their website worth considering.

Here's the good news — you can learn more about MMU's programmes, campuses, and student life by visiting their Info and Open Days for their July 2023 intake!

Here's a look at the full schedule: 

Image via MMU

Besides that, you'll be pleased to know MMU offers various scholarships and financial aid for high-achieving and underprivileged students

MMU strongly believes that quality university education should be accessible to all. To learn more about their loans and scholarships, click here.

The July 2023 intake is almost here! Head over to MMU's website to learn more.

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