Thailand Has A Pet-Friendly Cinema So You Can Watch Movies With Your Furry Friends

People are overrated.

Cover image via Thai PBS News & Lillian Suwanrumpha/AFP

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Thailand recently announced the opening of the country's first pet-friendly cinema on Saturday, 10 June

Located just outside Bangkok, Major Cineplex opened i-Tail Pet Cinema, so that pet owners can enjoy watching movies while chilling with their furry best friends.

During the opening, the cinema screened The Little Mermaid, where several pets were seen dressed in theme, such as a Chihuahua in a Sebastian the Crab costume and a terrier in a red wig and mermaid's tail, while sitting on their owners' laps or in their carriers.

Image via Thai PBS News

Speaking to AFP, spokesperson Narute Jiensnong shared that pets have to wear diapers and sit in bags, while the sound and lighting are adjusted during the movie for the animals' comfort.

"Bangkok is not a very pet-friendly city," Narute said, adding that the idea was inspired by child-friendly cinemas.

In an interview with the news agency, Narute revealed that many pets are suffering with separation anxiety as their owners have started to venture out more after the past two years of lockdown. 

Just like a child-friendly cinema, where kids may be running around, the spokesperson added that those who go to the pet cinema will need to be understanding

However, there are certain restrictions for the cinema, as larger pets are not allowed in, like in the case of one 62kg Alaskan Malamute named Tungchae who was considered too big.

Image via Thai PBS News

Not everyone was excited by the opening of the new cinema

One pet owner told AFP that her cat usually falls asleep next to her on the couch at home while she watches television and bringing her pet to the cinema would be "unnatural" and "torture".

"Being zipped up in this cage, I don't know if that's enjoyable for the animal," she said. "It's so ridiculous [that] dogs are not allowed in [most Bangkok] parks, but they can go to a movie or café."

Meanwhile in Malaysia, here are some places you can bring your pooch and cat:

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