3 Simple, No-Fuss Ways To Decorate Your Home For Raya

It's time to start preparing early so you can celebrate Aidilfitri with ease!

Cover image via Huy Phan (Unsplash) & Malaysia China Insight

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With Ramadan almost upon us, most Malaysians are already getting ready to prepare for one of the biggest occasions in the country

Image via Vecteezy

While it's true that the way we celebrate Aidilfitri now isn't how it used to be, we can take comfort in knowing that we can still enjoy those intimate and joyful moments with our family and friends, as we can find happiness in the little things.

From buying brand new baju raya to stocking up on kuih raya to feast on after Ramadan, it truly is exciting to get into the Raya spirit. And, if you've been planning to do a little decorating around the home, now is the best time to do so! 

Wanna get your home ready for Raya? Jom, we'll share some tips so you can start decorating:

1. Adding all kinds of plants go a long way in making your home greener and livelier

Seeing as the Raya colour palette normally consists of different shades of green, indoor potted plants are perfect for the occasion. From mini succulents on the windowsill to tropical plants such as monstera around the corners of your home, you and your family will feel calm and relaxed with the serene surroundings. 

If you prefer a splash of colour, there's no reason why you can't add your favourite flowers to your home as well! 

Pro-tip: For smaller living spaces, opt for plants that hang from the wall or ceiling.

2. Adorning colourful lights will get you in the festive mood, and you can even re-use them for the following years!

While the flashy red, blue, yellow, and green lights are what you usually see during Raya, you can also go with good ol' fairy lights to adorn on your doorframes, or even against a plain wall.

Or, if you wanna go all out, you can get yourself those ketupat or moon and star lights to string around your home. You'll even be able to take cute Raya OOTDs from the comfort of home with these pretty lights. :D

Pro tip: If you prefer a classy look, make sure the lights match with the overall theme of your Raya decor.

3. If you're looking to replace your old furniture, opt for trendy pieces for a more premium feel this Raya

There's no doubt that our furniture makes up the bulk of our homes, and it plays a major role in the overall look and feel of it all. When choosing the most suitable furniture such as sofas and dining sets, be sure to prioritise quality as well as comfort. 

Since everyone has their own preferred style, you'll need to discover what kind of furniture you would like to feature in your home. And, keep in mind that investing in new furniture will give your home a more modern feel. Now, you can finally throw out that old furniture that's been collecting dust.

Pro tip: When looking for new sofa sets or recliners, go for those made with genuine leather, as these tend to last longer and are more durable.

Getting your hands on premium furniture is possible with Rozel

Rozel is a furniture expert, specialised in providing premium household pieces such as the Genuine Leather Sofa, Power Recliner, Dining Set, Bedroom Set, and more. They make it a point to build every piece of furniture with exceptional skill as well as premium materials, as their furniture is meant for those looking for style and comfort.

The great thing about Rozel is that they prioritise their customer satisfaction, along with pure comfort and simple luxury, so that you can get the best products tailored to your preferences.

Wanna know the best part? They have an upcoming Ramadan sale so you can get premium Rozel furniture at amazing discounts!

Image via Rozel

The best part about this sale is that there's even a 24-month instalment plan, so you can spread out your payment for your brand new furniture for one year.

Here's a sneak peek at Rozel's wide range of furniture:

First, choose from a plethora of luxury recliners and sofas to take your living room to the next level

With this dark teal Scandinavian-inspired sofa, the possibilities for comfort are endless. It even comes upholstered in full leather for refined elegance in the living space.

Sit back and relax with these recliners made from genuine Italian Ebel leather. The Full Ebel Leather Recliner Sofa offers ample amount of space for the whole family to enjoy.

If you have guests over often, you can dine with elegance on these classic yet contemporary dining tables

The Rectangular Marble Dining Table features a sophisticated jazz white marble top, which is complemented by a solid ash wooden walnut base.

While also sharing a solid ash wooden base with the dining table shown earlier, this variation of the Rectangular Marble Dining Table features a rose gold marble top, offering a a contemporary twist on traditional dining table designs.

Adding an aesthetically-pleasing coffee table makes a great centre piece to your home

The uniquely designed ash wood legs make the Khayu coffee table sturdy and stable, while its round glass top gives it an overall modern feel.

This centre table is a refreshing take on coffee tables, as it has a rose jade marble top with a wooden base in walnut, giving it an elegant contrast.

As for the bedroom, invest in a sturdy bed frame as well as a comfortable mattress to sleep on with the Sturdy Ash Walnut Bed

Complete with a beige headboard and ash-hued solid walnut wood 6' bed frame, you can pair this bed frame with a Maxiflex Legacy mattress for optimal comfort.

Last but not least, this lounging couch is perfect for those who prefer a minimalist design and neutral colours

Enjoy a mix of classic and contemporary with the lounging couch's structured wooden base and its luxurious leather upholstery.

Ready to shop for new furniture for Raya? Head over to Rozel's website or head over to their showrooms to have a look at what they have to offer.

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