5 Simple Ways You Can Help A Friend Or Loved One Who's Dealing With A Serious Illness

Always remember to ask for permission, whether you're planning to visit, drop something off, or offer any kind of help.

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Finding out that someone you know has been diagnosed with a serious illness can be tough

You may have a lot of questions about the sickness itself, as well as how you should act or speak around your friend or loved one. If you're close to them, it can also be an emotional and stressful time for you.

Nevertheless, as a friend or close family member, this could be an opportunity for you to show support and care for someone close to your heart. And all it takes is simple, genuine acts of kindness.

Here a few ways you can help a friend or loved one who's dealing with a serious illness:

1. Be present and try to understand what your friend or loved one is going through. But remember to also give them space.

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Before meeting your friend or loved one, process your own feelings. If possible, learn about the basics of the diagnosis beforehand. When you get to see them, they may or may not want to talk about the details of their sickness - it can be tiring to repeat the same information to different people.

Also, always ask for permission, whether you're planning to visit, drop something off, or offer any kind of help. While you want to be there for your friend or loved one, understand that there will be times when your friend will feel tired and want to rest. If your friend or loved one prefers to be alone, give them space.

2. Find out what they need most. While gifts can be thoughtful, sometimes a little extra cash could be a really big help.

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Patients dealing with serious illnesses not only have medical bills to pay, they may also have to fork out extra money for follow-up treatment, nursing costs, and changes to their daily lifestyle.

For some people, having company or receiving gifts could help to make their day. For others, a simple gesture of giving some cash might be immensely meaningful and helpful.

3. Don't offer advice or add unnecessary pressure. Instead, involve your friend or loved one in meaningful conversations.

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A common mistake people make is offering solutions based on hearsay or their own experiences. While they have good intentions, these suggestions can end up adding pressure to the patient.

That's why you shouldn't say things like "Did you know my friend's friend's friend got well from cancer after eating this supplement?" or "Eh, why you go to that doctor? I heard that doctor so-and-so is the best in handling your kind of case."

Instead, engage in genuine conversations with your friend or loved one. :)

4. Offer practical help, like cooking a meal or doing their laundry

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One of the best ways you can help your friend or loved one is by taking care of day-to-day tasks, so they have one less thing to worry about.

Plan on cooking a meal or sending food over? Make sure that you know their dietary requirements. You could also help them to settle tasks like picking up their children, cleaning the house, or driving them to the hospital. These simple acts of kindness can go a long way.

5. Remember to take care of the caregivers as well, be it their spouse, parents, or children

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For caregivers, most of their time will be spent attending to your sick friend or loved one, so it's nice to have someone looking out for them too. By helping the caregiver and relieving their burdens, you'll also be helping your friend.

Some simple things you can do include treating them to a nice meal, sending over a thoughtful gift, or finding ways to make their lives and daily schedules easier. Caregivers also need someone to talk to and process their feelings, so make sure you don't overlook them.

Dealing with serious illnesses like cancer, stroke, or heart attack can be difficult, which is why having supportive people around is really important. Every little bit of help counts.

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Serious illnesses can have a domino effect on a patient and their loved ones – physically, emotionally, and even financially. When someone gets sick, he or she may no longer be able to work and earn a salary. Treatment costs can also be expensive, with certain illnesses requiring long-term treatment that can add up over time.

Besides having the constant support of loved ones, having the right financial protection is equally important

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