Gen Zs & Millennials Still Travelling Despite Being Low On Cash. Here's How They Do It

Travelling doesn't always have to cost a bomb!

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It seems like everyone is travelling these days, amirite?

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From buddies updating their feeds with travel vlogs, to colleagues flying overseas for spontaneous week-long holidays, you're probably used to seeing people you know going on vacations every other week.

However, with the rising cost of living and growing financial responsibilities, it may get you wondering how most of them are affording all these trips. Plus, it's no secret that Malaysians are kinda strapped for cash, with a 2021 survey showing that 45% of youths and young adults spend exactly or more than what they earn.

If you're curious how they're doing it, here's what these Malaysians who love travelling had to say:

1. "I spend the majority of my travel budget on necessities, which, in most cases, is flight tickets!"

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"Beyond that, I try my best to save on everything else. For instance, you don't have to eat at sit-down restaurants all the time, 'cause convenience stores overseas tend to have good, cheap meals.

"Depending on where I go, I also list out my priorities for the particular trip, whether it's food, activities, drinks, or a convenient stay. From there, I decide where to spend on, and where I can save."

- Jimmy, 29 years old

2. "I try to save on accommodation when travelling and opt for capsule hotels"

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"Since I travel on my own most of the time, I like to go with capsule hotels, 'cause they're small, cosy, and you get your own private space with a bed.

"Plus, when it comes to vacations, I feel like I just need a place to stay. Why would I want to spend half my holiday budget on accommodation?"

- Timothy, 25 years old

3. "TikTok is my travel guide that is super fun, easy, and free. Trust meeee!"

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"TikTok has helped me save so much during my travels, 'cause I learn from other travellers on how to find cheap deals, discounts, and freebies.

"Not only does it help me save, TikTok also guides me to properly plan my vacation by suggesting the best places and trendy spots to visit.

"I've actually managed to discover and plan affordable trips to unique places just based on trends I've found on TikTok!"

- Anith, 24 years old

4. "I usually travel with a group of friends and family, but I'm really picky about who I vacation with"

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"I love to travel with certain friends and family members who are really good with planning and budgeting. That way, I won't have to worry about overspending.

"Usually, we go in a big group and stay at Airbnbs, instead of hotels, to save cost. We also try to look for group activities that are either free or don't cost a lot.

- Kitna, 24 years old

5. "Who says last minute planning is a bad thing? It's actually a thing for us Gen Zs."

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"Last minute planning for vacations has helped me save a lot of money.

"It may sound counter-intuitive, and even scary, especially if you're not used to being so spontaneous. But with travel apps, I usually manage to find places to stay, and the best part is that they often come with last-minute deals.

"Exactly, last minute is our thing, we've been slaying this method since uni days. And if I don't happen to find a deal that's worth it, I can always move on and wait for the next better opportunity."

- Kaita, 24 years old

6. "It may take some getting used to, but it's always more worth it to travel like the locals do"

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Image via Ketut Subiyanto/Pexels

"Most of the time, this means taking public transportation! For some places, their subway system is pretty good, but for others, I end up going on their buses or trains.

"While it takes a lot of research, this allows me to really save on fuel, parking, and expensive taxi fares.

"Public transport is the way to go, trust me!

"Plus, the whole aim during vacations is to relax, right? Thanks to public transport, I actually get to sit back and enjoy the scenery of the places I visit, just like the locals do."

- VhoVignesh, 27 years old

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