"I'm Mentally & Physically Burnt Out" — M'sian Vents About Travelling 120KM Daily To Work

The anonymous user was seeking words of motivation from the online community.

Cover image via @meinmokhtar (Twitter) & Business Today

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Recently, a Malaysian individual expressed their frustration over the daily grind of commuting 120km from home to work and back

The anonymous user sought motivation from the online community to deal with the fatigue of travelling up to hundreds of kilometres every day during a Q&A session hosted by an influencer named Mein Mokhtar on X.

The user shared that the distance between their home and workplace is 60km, resulting in a daily commute of 120km.

"I'm just mentally and physically tired and burnt out, so I need words of encouragement from people facing the same situation as I am. Those living near their workplaces will not understand," said the user.

Following that, Mein shared the user's response with a caption that read, "I belong to the category of people who don't understand. I am willing to find a place that is closer. I can't endure long-distance travel and traffic jams."

The post sparked a widespread discussion, with users sharing their own experiences, offering words of encouragement, and even proposing potential solutions to alleviate the hardship faced by the anonymous user

"I was one of those guys. Sometimes when the industry you work in is niche, you don't have that much of a choice. You adjust and life has to go on," commented one user.

One user suggested, "Find a good podcast or something to listen to during your commute. It helps a lot."

"I mean if it pays well, it should be worth it, and if it is good money, consider finding a place closer to stay. [If the pay is not that good], look for a job that is closer to home. It [depends on whether] it is worth it or not," advised another user.

"Ask your boss to consider implementing alternate work-from-home arrangements, perhaps three days at the office and two days at home. This way, it won't be too exhausting. Many companies are already offering such setups," said another.

Another user shared a similar predicament of travelling long-distance to work daily saying, "Anonymous, I commute 200km daily, so I understand your struggle, even 100km feels like a lot. During the weekend, I take the opportunity to engage in activities I love and just rest. We can overcome this, all for the sake of money that isn't that much."

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