[VIDEO] M'sian Woman Moves To New Zealand & Earns RM11,000 Per Month As A Tomato Picker

"Malaysians who are interested in this job and pay should definitely try it," said Kay.

Cover image via Kay (Provided to SAYS) & @sis_kayy (TikTok)

A Malaysian woman recently posted a TikTok video explaining how much she earns as a tomato picker at a farm in New Zealand

In the 51-second clip, the woman, who prefers to be known as Kay, shared that tomato pickers can earn up to NZD22.70 (RM63.75) per hour working at farms in the country.

She added that in a single day, tomato pickers can earn as much as NZD204.30 (RM568.23) if they work a nine-hour shift.

The woman then calculated the monthly earnings of a tomato picker, which can be as much as NZD4,086 (RM11,364).

Speaking with SAYS, Kay revealed that she was able to secure the job after successfully obtaining a working holiday visa

According to Kay, her monthly salary is more than enough for her to live comfortably in New Zealand.

She also said that she became a tomato picker to challenge herself and get out of her comfort zone.

"For expenses, accommodation alone can cost between NZD130 (RM360.96) and NZD250 (RM694.15) per week for a single person. I spend around NZD150 (RM416.49) per week paying my rent, bills, and utilities.

"For groceries, I allocate around NZD150 per week and it is more than enough. My salary is more than sufficient for me because I can sustain my lifestyle, and I've never heard any other working holiday visa applicants complaining about their pay either," she said.

Kay also advises other Malaysians who want to work as tomato pickers to just go for it

"Malaysians who are interested in this job and pay should definitely try it. However, it's important to note that a working holiday visa will only allow you to work between six and nine months abroad.

"But there are other visas that allow you to work in New Zealand longer. I recommend anyone interested to check the country's immigration website from time to time to see other available options," she told SAYS.

Watch the full video here:

@sis_kayy Sharing my journey as a Malaysian who work at Tomato Glasshouse farm . I put minimum pay 22.70nzd as reference but some of the worker get paid above that #workingholidaynewzealand #workingholiday #workingholidayvisa #fyp #malaysianinnewzealand #whvnewzealand vlog, chill out, calm daily life(1370843) - SUNNY HOOD STUDIO

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