Take Breathtaking Photos & Professional-Grade Videos With The All-New HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro

The 40MP Cine Camera is amazing for #foodporn and flat-lay shots!

Cover image via HUAWEI

With the release of HUAWEI's all-new Mate 30 series, we take a look at how awesome the new Quad-camera system is on the HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro

The HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro features a 40-megapixel Cine Camera, a 40-megapixel SuperSensing camera, an 8-megapixel Telephoto Camera, and a 3D Depth Sensor Camera

Image via HUAWEI Malaysia

Here's a general overview of each camera found on the HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro:
1. Ultra-Wide Cine Camera - 40MP sensor with ƒ/1.8 aperture
2. SuperSensing Wide - 40MP sensor with ƒ/1.6 aperture and optical image stabilisation (OIS)
3. Telephoto - 8MP sensor with ƒ/2.4 aperture and optical image stabilisation (OIS)
4. 3D Depth Sensing Camera - for that awesome bokeh

Hard-specs aside, the new addition to the Mate family of HUAWEI smartphones is not one to be messed with. The amount of pro-features in the camera setup alone should be enough to get you excited about the smartphone.

1. The Ultra-Wide Cine Camera allows you to shoot professional-grade videos without having to fork out thousands for industry-level equipment

Shot with the HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro.

Image via DXOMARK | YouTube

With minimal distortion, steady stabilisation, and super canggih image quality, the videos you'll be shooting with the HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro will definitely exceed any expectations you may have of the smartphone.

With an extremely wide field-of-view, the Ultra-Wide Cine Camera is able to shoot video at your typical frame rates, while also offering the unbelievable ability of shooting super-slow motion at 7680fps in 720p

Yeah, that wasn't a typo. Over 7,000 frames per second. C R A Z Y.

2. The Wide-angle SuperSensing Camera provides amazing image stabilisation and produces 40% more light to get amazing night shots

Image via HAUWEI

With a maximum ISO of 409,600, you're definitely going to see all the details that would usually be hidden in the dark. However, when you do opt for 'Night Mode', the results are pretty astounding.

Even without the use of 'Night Mode' in HUAWEI's camera app, the regular 'Photo' or 'Portrait' modes work just as well in dark conditions, provided there's at least one source of light in the frame.

Starnberger See, on the outskirts of Munich. Taken with HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro.

Image via Danial Martinus | SAYS

Taking night shots isn't the only thing the SuperSensing camera can do. Due to it's ultra-wide field-of-view, you can also take amazingly-vibrant photos of people, nature, and people in nature. ;)

One huge benefit Admin can think of when using this camera is how easy it is to take super fashionable shots of a flat-lay of some kind.

HUAWEI Watch GT 2, taken with HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro.

Image via Danial Martinus | SAYS

3. The Telephoto Camera offers you the best view, no matter how far you are

10x zoom with the HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro.

Image via Danial Martinus | SAYS

With 3x Optical Zoom, 5x Hybrid Zoom, and up to 30x Digital Zoom, taking nature shots with the HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro is a breeze. Even when zoomed in 30 times, hand-shake is corrected to a bare minimum to reduce photo blurring. 

Image quality loss is also minimised thanks to the super steady optical image stabilisation (OIS) as well as artificial intelligence-powered stability. 

4. Buttery, smooth portraits with the 3D Depth Sensor are always a huge plus

Everybody loves bokeh. It gives your photos a more DSLR-like feel and it also shines focus on what you want other people to see! But more than anything else, the 3D Depth Sensor also retains sharpness in the areas that matter, making your photos truly special.

Image via HUAWEI

The HUAWEI Mate 30 series comes in six attractive colours and two finishes

Image via HUAWEI

The 6.53-inch HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro come in a beautiful selection of colours ranging from Emerald Green, Space Silver, Cosmic Purple, and Black, whereas Forest Green and Orange come in Vegan Leather backs.

We'll be getting a review unit of our own soon, so stay tuned for the full review!

For more information, head to HUAWEI's official website

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