This Mother Of 2 From Kelantan Is Unapologetically Slaying At Cosplay

She initially began creating these extraordinary looks to overcome her poor self-esteem.

Cover image via Instagram @fykaaschaa

Meet Shafieqa Mohd Asri, a mother of two who is completely undeterred in choosing to dress up like her favourite anime characters

According to Astro Awani, the 26-year-old from Pengkalan Chepa, Kota Bharu enjoys dressing up as Barbie because her face is widely recognised as the world's most famous doll.

Shafieqa, who goes by 'Fykaaschaa Kaka' online, said she began creating these extraordinary looks in the style of Barbie to overcome her poor self-esteem.

Shafieqa said that she initially did bridal and Bollywood-themed tutorials on Facebook using regular make-up

"However, because I love to try new things, I also tried make-up that looked like Barbie, mummies, vampires, and even one that was 'Naagin'-inspired," she said, "And it eventually caught the attention of social media."

"As always though, some people were rude while some gave their compliments," she added.

According to Shafieqa, she needs about an hour and a half to get made up and dressed like her chosen character

She said the characters are usually chosen from anime or popular children's animations, reported Harian Metro. Most of her clothing and accessories are purchased from China, Thailand, and Korea.

"So far I have spent over RM30,000 on cosplay, including over 30 different types of wigs, mascots, costumes, accessories, and make-up," she shared.

Shafieqa considers herself fortunate as her husband, who was once a local model, fully supports her unique hobby

"Usually if the shooting requires pairing and holding, my husband will join me. And for each character given, I will do some research at least one day before the shoot," she said.

In addition to being a part-time model, Shafieqa and her husband Mohd Sharifuddin Ab Halim Sivanesan, 36, also run multiple businesses, such as renting out mascot costumes, selling contact lenses, and training new models.

You can find more of Syafieqa's cosplays on Facebook and Instagram.

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