This Engineer's Cosplays Are So Legit She's Represented Malaysia Internationally

She loves to bring 2D characters to life!

Cover image via Shinku

Never judge a book by its cover or in this case, a person based on their day job

For the past 10 years, engineer Lynn has spent her free time turning herself into different characters through cosplay and the results are incredible!

Image via Shinku
Image via Shinku

During the day, Lynn works as an application engineer. After work, she puts in effort to create amazing cosplay outfits.

Her unusual hobby began after she finished SPM and had free time to spare.

"I was flipping through a comic magazine one day and saw a cosplay competition. I decided to YOLO and try it once just for fun. And I could not stop from that day on," she shared with SAYS.

Image via Shinku
Image via Shinku

To make the outfits, Lynn uses different materials such as EVA foam, paint, fabrics, and recycled items

"I love to incorporate recycled materials such as water bottles, left over Styrofoam, cardboxes, etc to save cost and environment."

"My favourite thing to build is weapons, usually materials used are PVC pipes, paper, ice cream sticks – anything you can imagine technically can be used if the material manipulation is good enough," she told SAYS.

Image via Shinku
Image via Shinku

"Costumes for competitions are generally more intricate and complicated, and it has to be self-made. Preparation time is much longer and needs loads of patience, time, and money," she added.

Check out a step-by-step tutorial of how she created one of her weapons here.

Image via Shinku

Aside from taking part in competitions, Lynn shared that she also cosplays for other occasions

"There are some game or event organisers that look for cosplayers to work for their events. For example, Garena Malaysia invited me to cosplay a League of Legends character for their E-sport tournament," she said.

Lynn added that she also dresses up for casual events to hang out with friends. 

"For larger events like Animagaki, Anime Festival Asia, and Comic Fiesta, I will dress up as a certain anime character to attend the event."

Image via Shinku
Image via Shinku

Lynn, who goes by her cosplayer name Shinku, has even represented Malaysia at various international competitions

In order to qualify as a Malaysian representative in competitions, one would need to get through local preliminary rounds first, she explained.

Here are two competition outfits Lynn wore when she represented Malaysia for the World Cosplay Summit and Clara Cow Cup, together with her cosplay partner Dovah:

Lynn made and wore this outfit to represent Malaysia for the World Cosplay Summit.

Image via Shinku

She also represented Malaysia at the Clara Cow Cosplay Cup donning this outfit.

Image via Shinku

She admitted that it's not easy to maintain the hobby, especially when people look down on her but Lynn is grateful for the support from her friends and family

Image via NaNeee

"It's not easy to maintain a hobby as when things get serious, more money, time, and effort is needed," she shared.

"And not to mention there will always be people who doubt or judge you... also the support of your friends and family does matter a lot!"

Cosplaying has been a great journey for me because I love what I do so much and I've met so many amazing people along the way!

Follow Lynn and check out more of Shinku's cosplay here!

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