HUGO Launches A New Fragrance Under Their #YourTimeIsNow Campaign

Are you ready to explore the world with HUGO's new scent?

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Are you going to do something unexpected today?

HUGO Parfums unveils the next chapter of its #YourTimeIsNow campaign with a new scent, HUGO Urban Journey, set to encourage youths to explore the city on their doorstep before venturing into the world beyond

The new addition to HUGO's fragrance line for men is a bold eau de toilette with strong aromatic black tea scent that's coupled with guaiac wood, which gives it an energetic edge.

This intense heart note is contrasted with fresh citrusy Himalayan whorlflower scent, making the new Limited Edition HUGO Urban Journey an exciting and confident fragrance. 

This bold eau de toilette is released as part of HUGO's #YourTimeIsNow campaign

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#YourTimeIsNow is a campaign launched by HUGO back in 2017, with HUGO ICED as the first fragrance in its line. The eau de toilette celebrates the adventurous spirit of youths who dare to take the first step towards change and chase their dreams.

Zac Efron was aptly chosen as the face of the campaign as his journey to becoming one of Hollywood's biggest stars resonates with it

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Being a young actor who is brave enough to take up challenging movie roles, Zac eventually made a name for himself as one of the top actors in Hollywood. He also epitomises the young city explorer. 

Here's what he has to say about being a part of HUGO's #YourTimeIsNow campaign, “It’s easy to coast through life and let it happen to you but you can change that by choosing to seek out new adventures. We’ve only got one life, and we need to make the most of it. Now’s the time to explore what’s right in front of us. Choose adventure today and let it change your outlook on life. Your time is now. What are you waiting for?"

Following the success of #YourTimeIsNow, HUGO Urban Journey is created as the next chapter for this fragrance line

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This new addition to the #YourTimeIsNow campaign continues to fan the thirst for adventure among young thrill-seekers, encouraging them to seek enriching experiences through urban adventures in their very own cities.

The Limited Edition HUGO Urban Journey comes in the brand's iconic flask-shaped flacon, which symbolises HUGO's spirit of adventure and thirst to explore new opportunities. The bottle is also displayed on the fragrance's packaging to invite people to "turn corners" and see the "full picture".

#YourTimeIsNow. Visit the podium at Metrojaya, Midvalley from 19-25 March to discover more about HUGO Urban Journey.

In the spirit of adventure, do something unexpected! Come to HUGO's booth at Metrojaya, Midvalley and join the virtual reality experience of paragliding in Lima. You'll also be able to bring home a free fragrance sample!

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