"I Know How It Feels To Be Poor" — Former Teacher Continues Aiding Those In Need

A real-life angel.

Cover image via Harian Metro

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A former English teacher from Kedah who has become renowned for her acts of kindness and philanthropy, is now extending her support to empower women

Also known as Cik Puan Gojes, 41-year-old Ismaniza Fahida gained attention after a video of her treating 30 of her students to lunch at a fast food restaurant last year went viral.

Currently, Ismaniza aspires to empower 50 women from diverse backgrounds, including housewives, single mothers, and those in the B40 group, through a mentor-mentee program.

"Through the program, I hope that the women involved will become more self-reliant," Harian Metro quoted her as saying.

Image via Harian Metro

Ismaniza established the Cik Puan Gojes Malaysia organisation last year to help those facing financial issues

Before this, Ismaniza served as a teacher for more than 18 years. However, she cut short her career as an educator to focus on charitable work.

"Challenges faced by students from underprivileged and poor families motivated me to engage in charitable efforts," she said.

One of her most notable endeavours was helping a six-year-old boy named Basir — who took on the responsibility of caring for his paralysed mother following his father's death — build a new house for the family.

According to Harian Metro, Ismaniza also established a cosmetic brand called CPG while engaging in charitable work.

Image via Harian Metro

Recognised by the Women, Family, and Community Development Ministry last year, and crowned the Woman Icon of Malaysia 2022, Ismaniza shared that she hails from a financially challenged background

"I used to help my mother sell pastries and food to support the family. However, I rose above those circumstances and worked hard to become who I am today," she said.

Ismaniza also said she plans to expand her business internationally after her cosmetic products gained recognition in Southeast Asia.

"Expanding internationally will enable me to reach and assist more individuals in need of financial aid," she said.

Image via Harian Metro

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