Indah Water Wants To Give You Free Flight Tickets To Europe. Here's How You Can Win

Time is money... or a trip to Paris. :)

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Indah Water is in charge of ensuring we all have a clean and healthy environment through proper maintenance of our sewerage systems

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Indah Water Konsortium is a utility provider that helps maintain our sewerage systems. This kind of work usually involves sewerage pipes that are underground, which is why we don't often catch them working on it! The real unsung heroes, Indah Water Konsortium strives to ensure we all get access to clean water while also doing their part to ensure a sustainable future in which we don't ever run out of water.

The kind of work they do involves:
1. Treating high volumes of wastewater in order for regular folks like us to re-consume it in various ways. 
2. Ensuring that any fluid discharged back into the environment is safe enough to do so.
3. Providing safe treated wastewater for other industries to use, i.e. industrial, landscaping, and irrigation.

The people at Indah Water champion and execute efficient public sewerage services to contain sewerage pollution at the lowest level, as this is crucial in lessening water-borne diseases to a level in which it's almost negligible. In fact, Indah Water now generates more environmentally-friendly by-products from wastewater

Indah Water wants to reward you with free flight tickets to Paris, Rome, and London!

All you have to do is pay your Indah Water bill on time. It's as simple as that!

Here's how you can stand a chance to win the trip of a lifetime to Europe by taking part in the 'Bayar dan Menang' competition:

1. Firstly, pay your bills within the stipulated time-frame

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There are three rounds in which you can pay your bills on time and stand the chance to win! If you manage to pay your bills before the stipulated time frames below, you’ll stand the chance to win:

a) Before/On 31 May 2019 - Flight tickets to Paris, France. (5 entries)
b) Before/On 30 September 2019 - Flight tickets to Rome, Italy. (5 entries)
c) Before/On 31 January 2020 - Flight tickets to London, England. (5 entries)

If you’re feeling rajin, you can even pay your bills on time and submit your entries for all three rounds! This also increases your chances of winning a trip.

2. You gain double the amount of entries if you pay your bills a month in advance of the deadline

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What’s better than being on time? Being early!

If you’re aiming to get double the amount of entries for the first round for example, settling your bills on 30 April 2019 will subsequently award you with 10 entries instead of the standard 5 entries. The more entries, the better your chances of winning!

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3. Register for the IWK e-Bill, if you haven’t already

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This is a crucial step! If you don’t register for the e-Bill, your entries will be null and void. Don’t forget! 

If you're not a member, registration is really simple. Just click 'Register Now!' and follow the instructions.

4. Fill up this online form

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That’s it, you’re all set. All you need to do now is wait and see if you've won!

For more information on Indah Water's 'Bayar dan Menang competition, click here. To compete in the first round and win a trip to Paris, remember to pay your bills before or on 31 May 2019!

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For further enquiries, email [email protected]!

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