These Amazing Malaysian Women Are Defying Stereotypes. Here's How You Can Do The Same


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Ladies, are you going through a tough time right now?

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With the ongoing pandemic, women and girls everywhere are experiencing a slump. From fun times with friends to juggling work and keeping the family together, it's a lot to handle!

That's why Sunsilk wants you to Rethink Possibilities, by empowering girls all over Malaysia with the message of #IniSaatKita

If you can think it, you can do it - with or without lockdowns! Check out the badass music video for ultimate girl power vibes:

The video features fierce Malaysian women who are breaking down boundaries and changing the game:
- Bunga, Malaysia's first female hijabi rapper
- Amira Ayob, the first Malaysian woman to represent the country at the international CrossFit Games
- Vivian Foo, one of the first Malaysian female cadets to fly with Malaysia Airlines

They're determined, fearless, and will do whatever it takes to reach their goals. Ain't nobody or nothing gonna hold them back. Yaaaassss queens!

It's time to make your dreams a reality, and that's why Sunsilk is offering you the chance to take action!

Providing girls the chance to grow and make a name for themselves in their own right, Sunsilk wants you to take up the Kelas Inspirasi Sunsilk Challenge where you can win these cool opportunities:

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In line with #IniSaatKita, Sunsilk is on a mission to inspire girls to dream of a future full of possibilities

This October, Sunsilk is launching an online virtual platform where girls can explore awesome content from real role models. 

Named Kelas Inspirasi Sunsilk, the platform will help develop your skills, re-imagine your goals, and transform your passion into reality. Fuyoohhhh!

Kelas Inspirasi Sunsilk is open to everyone for free and allows you to interact with amazing women who are defying stereotypes on the regular

From left to right: Bunga, Shalma Ainaa, Ain Edruce.

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Meet Bunga, Shalma Ainaa, and Ain Edruce in the very first Kelas Inspirasi Sunsilk.

Bunga received global attention when she was featured in The New York Times as an up-and-coming rapper. Her signature style has made her a media darling as she performs her rap songs in hijab and baju kurung during live performances. 

Meanwhile, Shalma Ainaa is a well-loved local TV host who branched out to become the founder of her own company. The entrepreneur created two popular fashion brands, SHALS and essenshals.

Last but not least is Ain Edruce. A powerhouse in the entertainment industry, Ain is known as a model, host, actress, and for her dope YouTube channel.

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Catch these kickass women as they share their journeys with Sunsilk on Facebook Live this Sunday, 1 November at 8.30pm.

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