This International School Offers Cambridge Education Integrated With Islamic Philosophy

One of their main campuses is in Kuantan.

Cover image via International Islamic School Malaysia

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This Spotlight is sponsored by International Islamic School Malaysia.

If you're looking for an international school with a focus on Islamic education for your kids, look no further than International Islamic School Malaysia (IISM)

Haven't heard of IISM before? In case you didn't know, IISM is wholly owned by International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), one of the top public universities in the country.

In fact, IISM offers its students a green lane to IIUM, which is a great opportunity to get a head start on your kids' future education.

IISM currently has a campus in Kuantan, offering primary and secondary level curriculum, as well as preparation for A-Levels

What's unique about IISM is that it features a Cambridge curriculum integrated with Islamic education.

With 'Nurturing the Future Khalifah' as its main motto, IISM stands on an education framework based on the KHALIFAH acronym: Knowledge, Humanistic, Amanah, Leadership, Innovative, Future-Ready, Adab, and Holistic.

Ultimately, IISM hopes to develop well-rounded students through its Islamic philosophy of education guided by the Quran and the authentic sunnah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Students can expect a holistic education experience at IISM, with various learning opportunities beyond the classroom

First things first, students at IISM are taught by experienced and professional teachers. IISM prides itself in building successful graduates with high self-confidence and critical thinking skills.

Besides that, students can gain experience in leadership and public speaking through participation in various co-curricular activities. They can also choose to master a foreign language, while gaining greatly improved English communication skills.

Furthermore, IISM consists of students from over 35 countries, creating an international environment that is culturally-diverse and eye-opening.

IISM also has extensive facilities, from an indoor swimming pool to fully-equipped hostels for outstation students

IISM offers a comprehensive list of learning facilities, from classrooms and labs, to computer rooms and a library. On campus, students are encouraged to participate in sports and physical activities. In fact, there are a variety of leisure options, with the indoor swimming pool being one of the highlights.

The hostels are clean, comfortable, and affordable, enabling students to pursue their studies in tranquility. The apartment-style living also helps students gain independence and stay disciplined through a housecleaning schedule.

Wanna learn more about IISM and what it offers? Visit their website to register your interest today!

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