Looking For A Job In The Capital Market? This Programme Could Help You Get One Step Closer

Graduates will even get allowances during formal training and work placement. Yay! :D

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC).

ICYMI, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim recently launched a capital market initiative to increase the employability of 9,000 graduates

As announced by the Prime Minister in Budget 2023, this initiative is spearheaded by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) and funded by the Capital Market Development Fund (CMDF) with an allocation of RM30 million. Woah! :O

During the launch ceremony, Anwar also announced the initiative's official name, which is investED - NextGen Capital Market Talent.

What's amazing about this initiative is that besides increasing graduate employability, it will help ensure the country has enough talent in this field within three years. 

investED is an initiative in partnership with the Ministry of Finance (MOF), Ministry of Higher Education (KPT), Bursa Malaysia, and leading capital market industry players. It is also the first collaboration between SC, the capital market industry, and universities.

Anwar also mentioned that talent enhancement programmes like investED will be expanded in sectors like oil and gas, banking, and information technology. 

For starters, the investED Foundation Programme is set to benefit an estimated 2,400 graduates

So, what sets this foundation programme apart? 

First, it's a structured certification programme run by the Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC), SC's learning and development body, which also aims to strengthen the country's higher education system. 

Secondly, by collaborating with the public and private sectors, the programme will produce a skilled workforce to meet the job market's needs. 

To help students learn about career prospects in the capital market industry, SIDC held a career-sharing session with speakers from SC and the capital market industry, where students from more than 15 public and private universities participated. 

That's not all. What's amazing is that graduates will get a paid job placement for six months through the investED leadership programme, woah!

Selected graduates will receive an allowance of RM2,000 during their formal training period and a minimum monthly allowance of RM2,400 during their work placement period. With a minimum allowance almost similar to a fresh grad's salary, you'll be gaining relevant real-world experience, while being compensated well at the same time! 

Not only that, investED is also expected to open job opportunities to as many as 600 graduates through job placement and on-the-job training provided by firms in the capital market industry under this leadership programme.

Plus, this programme will also include one month of comprehensive classroom learning and six months of work placement in designated companies. Thanks to the structured learning and real-world exposure, graduates will definitely learn the ins and outs of the capital market industry! 

If you're interested in expanding your experience in the capital market industry, then you can start applying for the leadership programme today!

Applications are now open to fresh graduates and students who are graduating this year.

While the investED Leadership Programme is still new, it has already managed to bring together over 70 capital market companies and provided more than 200 job placements, including 150 permanent jobs, to participating students.

So, what are you waiting for? Embark on your career journey by applying for the investED Leadership Programme here.

For more information about investED and its programs, please visit the official InvestED website.

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