Meet The Inspiring Everyday Malaysians Who Prove That Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Let's shine a spotlight on these amazing Malaysians!

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With Hari Kebangsaan and Malaysia Day right around the corner, it's the perfect time to shine the spotlight on some amazing Malaysians

This year in particular has definitely shown us that not all heroes wear capes. We're so grateful with the huge role frontliners have played recently, and are super touched by how Malaysians have really come together to support each other in these tough times.

In 2019, Jacob’s celebrated eight inspiring Original Malaysian icons who are legends in their own fields—icons who are known for being the first, the best, and the pioneers of their crafts

This included Bapa Kemerdekaan Tunku Abdul Rahman, squash queen Datuk Nicol David, silver screen legend P. Ramlee, and more.

This year, Jacob's has chosen to pay tribute to outstanding, everyday #OriginalMalaysians

In their own unique ways, these people have made our day-to-day lives a little easier, put a smile on our faces, and made our country a safer, happier, and better place.

“Having gone through unprecedented and challenging times since the start of 2020, this year’s National Day will carry a deeper meaning for us as a nation. We have pulled through together and with Jacob’s #TheOriginalsMY, we want to acknowledge and celebrate Original Malaysians who are all around us – our friends, neighbours, and even strangers. It is now an opportunity for us to sit back and reflect on those who have made a positive and lasting impact on our daily lives, no matter how big or small,” said Arpan Sur, Associate Director, Southeast Asia Biscuits & Snacks.

Meet the four inspiring everyday heroes who have given us so much without expecting anything in return:

1. Nur Azmina Burhan - A hairstylist with a heart of gold who helps underprivileged or vulnerable communities

This professional stylist gives free haircuts to vulnerable communities. These free haircuts give fresh looks and renewed hope to those who need it most.

2. R. Jeganathan - Our national Paralympics coach who turned disability into ability

His coaching led our national Paralympics athletes to incredible achievements at the 2016 Rio Paralympics—three gold medals and two world records!

3. Adrian Wong - A local technopreneur-turned-lifesaver

When there was a shortage of medical supplies, he turned to crowdsourcing and 3D printing to save lives. By using 3D printing technology to turn sporting goods into lifesaving equipment, he was able to aid frontliners in our country as they battled the COVID-19 pandemic.

4. Rizo Leong - An internationally renowned woodcut artist from Sabah who uses his work to champion social causes

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Rizo's work has always championed social causes, giving a voice to those who need it most. During the Movement Control Order (MCO) period, he collaborated with other local artists to raise funds for frontliners.

To these wonderful Malaysians, we say, terima kasih! :)

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“We live in a country that is made up of people who are always ready to extend a helping hand or put a smile on our faces whenever we need it the most. Experiences like these are truly Malaysian and through #TheOriginalsMY, Jacob’s is encouraging everyone to embrace such moments and recognise the people in it,” says Arpan Sur, Associate Director, Southeast Asia Biscuits & Snacks, Mondelēz Malaysia.

Feeling inspired? This Hari Kebangsaan, Jacob's invites everyone to celebrate their very own Original Malaysian, individuals who are irreplaceable and inspiring in their own unique way.

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Selamat Hari Kebangsaan gais! Let's join Jacob's in celebrating everyday #OriginalMalaysian heroes and give them the recognition they deserve <3 'Like' Jacob's on Facebook for updates!

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